NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


You … grabbed New England, lol. Was that unintentional?


Wait, what the crap?! No, definitely unintentional. Must have been a phone spaz because I didn’t select anything.

Touch screen 1 me 0

No, I’d use Arizona this week. The one I’ve been saving.


No worries - I’ll flip it :)


I’m 100% of the same opinion.


Dolphins need to blow it up after this season .


As do the Falcons. Jeez, what a mess for a supposed contender.




Yeah, New Orleans decided to take a nap/play their backups in the last week of the regular season, lol.


I kind of thought Carolina wouldn’t care either. Oh well. Bad finish for me this regular season


Arizona Cardinals to lose.


Washington to lose


Worst season since Oakland beat us in the super bowl circa last century sometime. So much potential. So much underwhelmingness… I think I am going to blame the Vikings front office. It was 9th or maybe X,


Crap. Didn’t see this until too late. Oh well.


I realize this isn’t over yet, but congrats to @RichVR for going 17-0 in the regular season!


Seconded. @RichVR’s ability to pick losers is unrivaled.



Congrats, @RichVR!

Now it remains to be seen. Are you a 1972 Miami Dolphin or a 2007 New England Patriot?


If I dared try the opposite, for money, things would be very different.


Do not pick the Giants to lose! Oh wait, bad flashbacks, sorry.


Congratulations! (stupid week 3 bills)


What are we doing for playoffs? where do I enter my picks?