NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


Eagles to lose. Might as well try again. ;)


Standings Updated



Sorry for the delay; drama at the home front has finally wrapped up, lol

If you look at the standings, you’ll see a new column for Playoff Picks (and a reduction in size of the regular season selections, yet still there for posterity)

To reiterate the rules:
You can pick any one team to lose in any given playoff round, but you can only chose that specific team to lose once in the entire playoffs.

Those with picks outstanding:

While many may now be out of the race for the title of Loser Bowl Champion, don’t hesitate to keep going with the picks for the fun of it! The poll is closed, but you can still make picks for any game which hasn’t yet started by posting below.


I will go with the Eagles to lose.


MIssed this yesterday, so going with the Eagles to lose.


I will go with the Chargers to lose. I believe in Nick Foles!


Well that has nothing to do with the Chargers.

Unless you mean Lamar Jackson.


I believe in Foles too much to feel comfortable picking in the other game.


Yeah, I believe in Foles; I’m just iffy on the rest of the Eagles ;)


Well, bugger. I didn’t like any of the home teams, and chose poorly.


Completely forgot this week, until seeing your message before going to bed, then I forgot when I woke up this morning.


You can still choose someone in the last game! Bears vs. Eagles begins at 4:40 PM EST

The crowd is certainly leaning toward the Bears beating the Eagles, but Foles is Foles.


Looks like I already picked Bears once, so put me down for Eagles.


Not that the Eagles aren’t the right choice here, because they are, but your regular season picks do not preclude post season picks.

Which is good, because I had already picked 4 of the teams playing this week. And I got them all right! And I also picked Philly in the regular season, but also picked them here.


DIE EAGLES! Why won’t you die?


Because you chose the wrong 🦅 team.


You were saying?

Don’t worry @RichVR, everything is fine. Bird teams are going 0-3 this weekend.


You guys got to hurry up and get knocked out so we can hire Fangio.




Aaaand now we’re on track for 5 total correct picks.