NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


Don Felder, is that you?


I know you put a /s there, but you’re not wrong. ;)


I had to avoid being run off the forums by any fanboys, lol


All part Fangio’s master plan.


Standings Updated!

link here

Wow. So as good as we’ve been at the regular season, the Playoffs have not been so kind:
during Wild Card Weekend, QuarterToThree went a collective …


Bravo to you few, you happy few, you band of winners.


I will not be picking the rest of the go-round. I will save my comments for the briefing at the end of the run


No problem. I hope you’ve had fun and will partake next season :)


The next round is upon us!

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Reminder: the first games are on SATURDAY

  • Dallas Cowboys (visitor) to lose at Los Angeles Rams
  • Indianapolis Colts (visitor) to lose at Kansas City Chiefs
  • Los Angeles Chargers (visitor) to lose at New England Patriots
  • Philadelphia Eagles (visitor) to lose at New Orleans Saints
  • Kansas City Chiefs (home) to lose vs. Indianapolis Colts
  • Los Angeles Rams (home) to lose vs. Dallas Cowboys
  • New England Patriots (home) to lose vs. Los Angeles Chargers
  • New Orleans Saints (home) to lose vs. Philadelphia Eagles

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A bird team remains. But I hate the Cowboys more.


Cowpokes goin’ down!


I would love the Chargers to win but I’m picking them to lose. I hope I am wrong.


Let’s go nuts this week.


Picking the Colts to lose to KC, but putting in a request that Philadelphia get demolished, please. (Bears fan…stupid kicker…etc.)


Just as a thought: I am so mad at the Vikings front office I just see red rage when I see NFL. So please forgive me for not participating.

Btw my UT-Vols are getting better I think. College Football is 231 days away.

(OMG btw check out UT Basketball mens?)


I can totally understand. And yeah, UT is kicking major butt!

Request has been forwarded to the league office.


League office responds by putting in the refs from the Chicago game.

Also by having a ‘mysterious’ injury to the New Orleans kicker, and graciously allowing Cody Parkey to fill the role.


Oops. Picked the Eagles because, well, I want them to lose every single game for the rest of existence, but I already picked them last time, and I can’t change my vote (@Dan_Theman) .

So I’ll pick the Colts to lose. But I’ll be rooting for the Saints to win by 60-0 or something.


So noted, lol. You’re also not the only one to do it:

@lostcawz - as you picked Philadelphia in the Wild Card, you’ll need to choose another team for the Divisional round.


I picked the Cowboys, but I’m wondering if I might not have to start picking the opposite of every team ahead of me if I want any shot at getting to the top


Chargers Vs. Pats. this game is all about who wants to lose to KC next week.

I’m sticking with my Pats, of course, so Charges to lose.