NFL Playoffs 05-06: Go Go Divisional Playoffs!

Well, guess the dynasty is offically over. Oddly, talking with my buds, none of us are all that upset, this was a very unpatriot like season. See ya next year.
I do wish it wasn’t the worst game the pats have ever played in the playoffs since the Bear thrashing of 85. Everyone throws up a stinker though.
As for next week, I’m rooting for Denver-but I didn’t see a spactacular team last night-I doubt that they have the firepower to beat Pitt if Pitt plays they way they did today. Man I loathe Pittsburg.
Indy- heh. I don’t get it, conservitive in the playoffs = go home. Keep up the good work-I think Manning is going to be the next Marino- shattering records but never a ring.
Seattle-Not to shabby even after loosing thier biggest weapon. Washington is another team I love to hate.
The game right now- Carolina unless they hand it over to them. I want the Bears, but I just don’t think it is thier year. Sadly I’ve been pre-empted by my 3 year old and Bob the Builder:)


Nice comment by Manning after the game: “I want to be a good teammate, but we had protection problems.” Uh, if you want to be a good teammate then shut up and take responsibility. Kudos to Terry Bradshaw for ripping Manning at halftime of the Bears/Panthers.

Okay, but now come on, that fourth down play near the end there was Manning’s fault?

Is it me or has the officiating been really bad this weekend?

“I want to be a good teammate, but…” just sounds a lot like “I’m not racist, but…”

It ain’t you.

What’s up with all the scoring in Panthers/Bears? Wasn’t this supposed to be a messy defensive grindfest? Oh, and Jake Delhomme + Steve Smith = Crazy Scoring Threat.

Peyton Manning has always seemed to lack that fundamental athletic/manliness gene (in the sense of being one of the team, well respected in the locker room, etc. - I’m not saying the guy does not have tremendous athletic talent). Yeah, it’s a guy who does not know him in real life observing him for short camera snippets for 3 hours on a Sunday, but he really does seem a bit out of place in the world of football. Incredibly talented, but without a soul. For some reason the best comparison I can think of is the, “White men can be incredible technical dancers or musicians, but they lack some fundamental rhythm,” stereotype.

It’s very much an intangible, it may sound nuts, but there it is.

I’m still going with Seattle because I’m a homer and because the game is in Seattle, but the Panthers have been the team I was most worried about playing from the beginning of the playoffs.

As for Pittsburgh, I really wonder about Big Ben’s health. The commentators pointed out he hardly threw the ball much late in the game, even to the point that the Steelers were almost too conservative. Afterwards I saw a sideline interview. After asking him several questions,which he answered completely, the reporter finished by asking if he was injured. His response was to ignore the question and make a “great game” statement. I’d be worried if I was a Steelers fan.

And don’t forget that white men can’t jump.

Eh, Ben has had off and on problems with his health and has always remained pretty quite about it. Sometimes it’s a bigger effect than usual, but usually he can pull through it pretty well.

I still like the Broncos over the Steelers but it ought to be a heck of a game.

Damn right. Both teams have flown under the radar, and suppousively both NE and the Colts were the “superior” team. Both were labeled the underdogs and haven’t really gotten the attention they’ve deserved. I actually find both teams to be very similar, and it should be a very intense game to watch.

I still can’t get over that interception that was ruled an incomplete pass. I’ve never seen a call like that. From what the ref said, it sounds like the defender could have laid there holding the ball for a few seconds and fumbled when he attempted to rise and it still would have been ruled incomplete. Is this just another bizarre rule like the tuck rule?

That was also a bad call when the Colts had third and two and Manning threw a long sideline out pattern which was incomplete, forcing them to kick the 46 yarder. They still had two timeouts left. Get the first down with something short and then take a couple of shots at the endzone or something over the middle and call your last time out and get a chip shot FG.

I’m glad the Steelers won after that bad ref call though. That was just unfair.

Oh, and did the Bears defense forget to show up? They looked awful.

I think it’s going to be a Steelers-Seahawks Superbowl.

No kidding! What kind of crazy rule would allow a ref to overturn that obvious interception. Polamalu was clearly standing up to start running with the ball when his knee caused him to fumble. Anyhow, I’m glad Pitt won after that crazy situation.

Manning once again shows how classless he is by calling out his OL. When will people finally realize this guy is a jerk and not the darling southern gent they all think he is?

But that was proven false, by the fact that Woody dunked. QED

I’ll tell you, this playoff race in particular is turning into a battle of attrition. Deshaun Foster out, Shaun Alexander hovering around doubtful, Big Ben uncertain. Things look pretty good for Denver.

Christ, HSW, don’t be bitter. FWIW, I went 2 for 4 this weekend - Carolina and Steelers both surprised me. In hindsite, any praise I gave to the Colts was obviously of the same sort that was lavished upon on the Patriots.

I was 3 for 4 this weekend. I’ve thought that Indy was going down in its first playoff game for weeks now. Just something about the makeup of that club and something about Manning that screamed “early exit.” Also called Carolina, after what they did last week to the Giants, and the Seahawks, because I hate Gibbs and the Redskins and think they’ve been running on fumes for a month now. I think Carolina’s going to the Super Bowl to face the Steelers.

But I was really surprised by NE losing. I still don’t buy any team with Jake Plummer going to the Super Bowl.


RE: Manning’s lack of soul.

You’re absolutely right, he’s never been a guy his team rallies around. You think the guys would have been pumped up yesterday after he got them within 3 but I think he’s created a lot of animosity for himself. He’s definitely a me-first kind of guy and he’s taken a lot of flack for it. Hopefully the average NFL fan will start to see Manning for what he is now.

The same criticisms have been levelled against Eli before the draft and now through his two seasons in NY. Maybe Coughlin can get his head out of his ass and knock him down a peg or two so he realizes that yeah he’s bigger than the team but he still needs them.

As far as Ben’s health. I find it amusing that a lot of people were willing to question a guy with a good background in the league and who has always been considered to be a good guy (KVO) about a “cheap shot” on Palmer. It wasn’t cheap just unfortunate. If anyone was paying attention to yesterday’s Steelers - COlts game you would have gotten a chance to see a cheap shot that will go unpunished because it went largely unnoticed. A QBs falling down and Robert Mathis goes right for his back LEADING WITH THE HELMET. This from the defensive line that Byron Leftwich accused of being coached to “go for the knees.” That’s what you guys are talking about as far as Ben’s arm right? The giant welt on his tricep from Mathis’ helmet. It should be ok by next week, the thumb looked good. He’s still kind of underthrowing the deep passes but he’s been money in the short to mid range. As far as not throwing it as much later in the game, that’s just Field Goal Bill Cowher and his Martyball offense.

For the record I was 1-3 for my picks. Only got Carolina right. I definitely underestimated the Seachickens. But I’m going to be silly again and pick the Panthers over them. I picked against the Steelers last week because as usual I had reservations about a Cowher team in the postseason. Now the reservations are replaced by fan boy hopefullness so GO STEELERS.