NFL: St. Louis looks like crap

Mark did they skip preseason in St. Louis? I like the Rams but wow do they look disorganized. How long until the Ram faithfull call for Marc Bulger or Mike Martz’s head on a platter?

– Xaroc

Green Bay also looks terrible, as do the Brown and Colt offenses (those are the two games I’m getting right now).

What do you expect? It’s the opening of the season. The gameplans weren’t used during preseason (to avoid giving opponents advance scouting), so some teams are going to look a little rusty using those at gamespeed.

As for the Rams, the Giants defense looked underrated coming into this season, so I’m not surprised they’re doing well at least during the first half.

I really doubt Charles Rogers is going to get 32 TD catches this year. The Arizona secondary is making him look like the second coming of Randy Moss.

Yeah, the Rams didn’t play well today. Poor lineplay on the offense, Warner didn’t protect the ball well, and Martz made a bad decision in not kicking the field goal. The Rams also were on the wrong end of a terrible miscall on the Barber non-fumble near the goal line. The Rams would have had an easy TD out of that and pulled to within 3 with about 10 to play.

The big story was the Rams offensive line getting manhandled by the Giants front four. That always takes the Rams out of their offense when the defense gets good pressure on Warner without having to blitz. I actually was a bit encouraged by the way Warner threw the ball – he had the zip he was missing last year. Unfortunately he didn’t have the accuracy he usually has, but just about any QB is going to have problems getting knocked around the way he was. The big mistake on his part was in not protecting the ball better.

Beating the Giants in NY wasn’t going to be easy either. They look like they could be one of the premier teams in the NFL this year. Very good defense and playmakers on offense, though their offense didn’t do a lot today, they did enough.

Other noteworthy games early in the day – New England laying down against Buffalo (Brady had a terrible day), the Chargers not playing well against the Chiefs, the Packers losing at Lambeau to the Vikings, and the Texans beating the Fins. Parity, I guess.

I really doubt Charles Rogers is going to get 32 TD catches this year. The Arizona secondary is making him look like the second coming of Randy Moss.

Hey, Arizona against Detroit – it’s the Toilet Bowl. You can’t judge anything about either team by this game.

Yeah, week one is always crazy. But it screwed up my fantasy points! I started Warner and Edgerrin James, and neither was used effectively, mostly because of poor play by other members of the teams.

Sadly, I also sat the Bills defense, since the Patriots have dominated the Bills lately. That was a BIG mistake. I’ll probably lose week one, but that’s ok. There’s still a lot of football to be played!

I can’t believe the Dolphins lost to the Texans 21-20… They haven’t lost a season opening game in a long time.

Until the second half… when they put up 22 points unanswered (despite losing their two top WRs). That injury to Driver looks bad though. Very disheartening.


I really doubt Charles Rogers is going to get 32 TD catches this year. The Arizona secondary is making him look like the second coming of Randy Moss.

Hey he had 4 catches and 2 touchdowns- not bad for a rookie in his first game. Besides, doubling up WR can leave a tight end wide open !!

Go Lions !

Yeah, it was an ugly game from the Rams, but the call you mentioned might have made a difference, if Mike Martz was also thinking straight for other parts of the game.

Now I hear Warner had a concussion…don’t know when it happened, but if you can throw a 68% completion day with a concussion, then you’re a better QB than most. Just hold on to the damn ball!

Or you have several A-list targets. I can’t believe he kept playing with a concussion though. Is he nuts? Did he not tell his coaches? Or didn’t they care? Why do that for half the game when you have Bulger as backup?

Martz stated all offseason long that Warner was his guy, so I’m sure he asked Kurt if he could play with the concussion. It happened during the 1st quarter. Still, six fumbles! Cripes. Somebody get him some orange juice.

Bmulligan, yeah, I know, the kid’s good. Pretty darned good. I’m just questioning how good he will be out of the gate. If Duane Starks hadn’t gotten injured for the Cards in preseason, I wonder if he would have contained Chuckie a little more.

Asher, I think the Toilet Bowl would be the Bears-Cowboys. P.U. I’d rather take up knitting or listen to Koontz talk about Blakemore all day long than watch that game!

Nobody is supposed to play with a concussion according to NFL guidelines and the AMA. So I’m betting Martz either didn’t ask, or didn’t care. What an awful risk to take with your aging and, imo, increasingly fragile QB! Especially when you can easily give him the time to rest and cling to him next week because you have a talented and successful, and young, backup. I think Martz is a bad coach, but I’ve said as much before. Warner spent last night in the hospital… not good St. Louis fans. Not good.

Personally I think Martz is committed to Warner because he’s afraid of the Goblin Queen.

I think Warner better go down with his annual pinky injury soon so he doesn’t die from brain swelling.

Warner should have either been pulled from the game or told someone about the headaches – if he kept it to himself. The Rams played the game with arrogance (going for it on fourth-and-long twice), seemingly saying “We’re the Rams. We can DO this.” And someone seemed to forget that it’s a team effort; it’s not the Kurt Warner show. He played like hell and any other quarterback would have been benched, especially considering how shitty he was last season.

Warner might come around to his old self, but playing with a concusssion smacks of silly macho heroics – as opposed to typical macho heriocs, such as playing with broken bones. Some of the Rams’ failure could be laid at the feet of the offensive line, but Warner was holding onto the ball for too long.

Although doctors examined Warner at halftime, he was cleared to play and was not diagnosed with a concussion at the time. He actually threw the ball better in the second half, completing 19 of 27 attempts for 186 yards and a touchdown.

No one knew he had a concussion. He threw for nearly 200 yards.

I don’t think going for it on 4th down is a sign of arrogance, either. I think you’re projecting a bit there. I think it was a bad call the first time Martz did it, but perhaps not the second time.

As I said, I watched the entire game and Warner threw the ball with good zip. His accurracy was a bit off on several throws, but he was being pounded by the rush – most QBs are going to start to have some bad throws when the rush is severe.

His real problem was holding onto the ball too long and holding it cocked down at his hip. He’s got to get rid of it and protect it better.

I thought the first fourth-down call was just a bad call, but when they did it a second time, it was too much. Two mistakes like that in a row? They had plenty of time to make some points, but opted to go for the touchdown. Granted, I am projecting a bit, but obviously Martz believed his offense could do it in spite of a lackluster performance.

Warner did look good at times, but then even mediocre quarterbacks have a good run every now and then. He was under pressure, but much of that was his fault. Maybe he’s rusty or maybe it was the concussion or maybe he was eager to show he still had the magic. Six fumbles after a six-game losing streak last season just doesn’t look all that good.

To be fair, Faulk also had a bad day – but isn’t getting nearly the amount of flak Warner is receiving.

Actually, he threw for 340 yds, 1TD and 1 INT. However, the fumbles negate most of that. I thought he looked ok throwing, when he was given the time. That OL that was so praised in the offseason looked like crap. Warner is a pocket passer. He has incredible accuracy (yes, better than Bulger…better than just about anybody!) when he has the time to use it. He did, as you say, hold the ball too long though. I wonder if his mental clock was out of sorts because of the concussion.

I’ve been hearing watercooler remarks today that Martz did in fact know (as the doctors told him) he had a concussion and left him in because he answered the questions/tests, etc. That true?

— Alan