NFL: St. Louis looks like crap

My sister-in-law picks teams based on their helmets. She picks the one with the prettiest helmet. You’re like my sister-in-law, aren’t you Xaroc.

I’m guessing that your sister-in-law never picks the Steelers and always picks the Cowboys.

I pick based on the uniforms but not the helmet. I am sure we would be a great team. ;)

– Xaroc

I think she’d go for the Steelers actually. Silver and Blue, even with a star is nothing compared to basic black. She really likes the helmets with horns, or wings, on the sides too.

If you ask me (and TMQ) you can’t beat the Packer uniforms for timelessness. Ask my sister-in-law and she’ll tell you the Vikings have cool horns.

Ah, I see. True, I picked Clinton Portis with my first, passing Priest Holmes by. Still, Priest Holmes with a hip injury is probably better than 2/3ds of the the running backs in the league.

This one clothing/costuming facet completely ruined Any Given Sunday for me. It just doesn’t look like professional football. Hell it doesn’t even look like college football. High school, Pee-Wee, sure, but pros? Nah. White on white, I could stand, but color on color looks stupid, like they’re trying to be fashion models, not football players.