NFL Street 2

Anyone else get it? I didn’t like last year’s version but I like it now (only played 3 games). Since it likes Live, anyone have the Xbox version and want to play?


[size=2]Sorry, Bub.[/size]

I was so disappointed with the first one that it will take some significant word-of-mouth to get me to buy the second. A 7.1 from Gamespot isn’t helping things, and the 8.9 from IGN is about the same.

I’ll probably pick it up this weekend with the best buy gift card I got for Christmas; if so, I’ll give you a yell.

I’ll echo Supertanker here and say I was also really disappointed with the first one. My problem is, I can’t remember exactly why, save to say I thought the original wasn’t very fun. I’m finding the sequel “fun” however, so I’m thinking it must be improved. Now I wish I’d held onto the first one so I could figure out why it’s better. So, Supertanker, please don’t consider this an endorsement of the game yet because I could be loving this based purely on the fact that I’ve been playing Pirates and Half-Life 2 for the past 6 weeks and maybe this is fun because it’s so not like HL2 and Pirates.

Also, looking at GameRankings, I love how the 1UP reviewer tells me how boring football is during the introduction to his review. Always good to have some of your readers disagree with your reviewer right off the bat, there, thanks.