NFL Suicide League Week 5


Juan Rayo
Bill Dungsroman

Tennessee at Baltimore
Kansas City at Carolina
San Diego at Miami
Washington at Philadelphia
Indianapolis at Houston
Seattle at N.Y. Giants
Atlanta at Green Bay
Chicago at Detroit
Tampa Bay at Denver
Buffalo at Arizona
New England at San Francisco
Cincinnati at Dallas
Pittsburgh at Jacksonville
Minnesota at New Orleans

Please PM me your picks by Sunday 8AM PDT. Also remember to only put ONE TEAM in your message. I’ll let you know if you re-pick a team you have already picked.

I’m going to be starting a new league later today (or tomorrow AM at the latest). Look for the annoucement!

That was a slaughter week.

I’m starting to lose track of who I voted for…

Wk 1 Green Bay

WK 2 Pittsburg

WK 3 Buffalo

WK 4 San Diego

Be interesting if I manage to survive a few more weeks.

Those are correct, BlueJackalope.

Let the trash talk commence! I’m trying to decide whether to pick a garbage game or try to keep picking good teams. Every one of my games has been a squeaker though…

Lessee, I had:

Week 1: Jets. I took this figuring it would be the safest week to pick them, with both Brett and the team wanting to prove they were a legit team. I also thought Miami would be easy pickens. Not really, seeing as how it essentially came down to a deflected Hail Mary at the end.

Week 2: Cardinals. I liked the way they looked manhandling the Niners in week 1 and figured Miami would get pounded in their stadium.

Week 3: Giants. I almost switched my pick after second-guessing over the fact that the Bengals would probably put up a fight over falling 0-3 if they lost, but I held true as last-second switches have oft been the downfall of a Vegas bettor. Talk about a squeaker, OT victory after the ball changed hands twice.

Week 4: Titans. Tennessee has far and away the best point differential in the league and I think they’ll be the last undefeated team, dropping a surprising upset loss around week 9 or 10 or so. No reason to think they wouldn’t win at home in week 4.

Week 5: I’m playing it safe, at least in terms of what I think is safe!


Bill Dungsroman

Juan Rayo


Could have a 50% decrease in the number of people playing, but it does seem extremely unlikely that the Cowboys will lose to the Bengals :).

Damnit Packers!

Well, that Dallas game was a bit dicier than I prefer.

Wheeee. I’ll tell what was weird. The books had Dallas at around -17 for the game, the biggest spread for the weekend in pro football by far, yet our local coverage (which always aims to show whatever games look to be the most entertaining) chose to show this game, plus CBS’ A broadcast team of Jim (ugh) Nantz and Phil (ugh) Sims were calling it.

Well we lost Juan Rayo. Down to five people now. I’ll put the week 6 up for this league on Tuesday.

wow it’s getting interesting…

I’ve blown out most of the really good teams so I’m kind of scared to pick next week.