NFL Suicide League Week 6 (1st league)

Bill Dungsroman

St. Louis at Washington
Miami at Houston
Detroit at Minnesota
Oakland at New Orleans
Carolina at Tampa Bay
Cincinnati at N.Y. Jets
Baltimore at Indianapolis
Chicago at Atlanta
Jacksonville at Denver
Philadelphia at San Francisco
Green Bay at Seattle
Dallas at Arizona
New England at San Diego
N.Y. Giants at Cleveland

Please PM me your picks by Sunday 8AM PDT. Also remember to only put ONE TEAM in your message. I’ll let you know if you re-pick a team you have already picked.

Does anybody care if we just post our picks? (Like in the other league)

Its not like anybody’s pick is going to effect mine.

I take the Albuquerque Aztecs

Because the winner will be awarded a prize, I think it would be best to keep this one to pm. Not to mention the fact I have no idea what team you are talking about.


What? that’s their head coach and GM right there - Tony D’Amato - shown with his former team the Miami Sharks, and the star player he stole from them “Steamin’” Willy Beamon.

A prize?? I guess I must have missed that.

Ok, here are the picks for Suicide Week 6:



Bill Dungsroman

We are now getting to a point where it could be over in one week. Scary times:)

Frell the Redskins. Frell them right in the ear.

What are we going to do when Oakland faces an opponent one of us has already picked?

Only Bill D has that problem. Oakland plays the Jets next week and he’s already picked the Jets. So everyone (all three of you) get a free pick ;)

Although, it was very interesting that three teams yesterday only scored 3 points for the whole game. Ravens, Raiders, and Panthers. I don’t ever recall seeing that before.

I might get to pick against Oakland too! No way the Giants and the wildly racistly named Redskins both lose, right? Right?

The Giants are losing now, but by less than a touchdown, so I wouldn’t panic just yet.

Running this suicide league has been very interesting. For some dumb reason, I hadn’t considered what would happen if everyone left took the same team and that team lost. I would still issue the prize, but it would have to be less per person if all four of you lost in the same week. Just to let you guys know, the prize will be an Amazon gift certificate. I’ll spend $100 and divide it appropriately.

I would like to see a league somehow some way that would reward those who took the most risk. But I haven’t figured out how to set something like that up that wouldn’t require everyone to run a spreadsheet :)

Whelp, that was fun.

Thanks for running this Lorini.