NFL Suicide League Week 8 1st League

Bill Dungsroman

Oakland at Baltimore
Arizona at Carolina
Tampa Bay at Dallas
Washington at Detroit
Buffalo at Miami
St. Louis at New England
San Diego at New Orleans
Atlanta at Philadelphia
Kansas City at N.Y. Jets
Cleveland at Jacksonville
Cincinnati at Houston
N.Y. Giants at Pittsburgh
Seattle at San Francisco
Indianapolis at Tennessee

You guys know the drill :)

I don’t have a pick from wildpokerman. He will default unless I get a pick from him by tomorrow at 8AM.

Since Bill is already in I’ll come right out and pick Buffalo. I’m hoping this gets to a point where it’s really really hard to pick.

Bill has inside Vegas knowledge though so my odds of winning are small.

Oh, really. Like I call up Johnny Two Times and Donny the Wop for the hot tips or something. If only.

Hey well, at least we made it to week 8, halfway.


So what do I get?

YOU DO! You need to PM me your email for the gift certificate.

Ok $100 Amazon Gift certificate sent. Congratulations!

Gratz Bill!

Thanks. It was by a batted down Hail Mary in week 1 and then a bizarre OT double possession win by the Giants along the way. I see what people mean by how these don’t tend to last long.

Nicely done William.

…and thanks Lorini for running this.

Congrats Bill. Make sure Johnny Two Times gets his share.

And thanks to Lorini for organizing this for us.

Congratulations Bill! Next time in Vegas I’ll let you pick my parley card.

Oh, God. Are you kidding me? I win one, maybe two parlay cards a year.