NFL Week 17

Week 17 in the NFL. Also known as “we know everyone’s more interested in the bowl games but we figured mandatory pre-season games wasn’t soaking our season ticketholders enough.”

Man I love the NFL. It’s actually the only major sport where I enjoy watching the pros more than the college game… well… unless baseball’s still a major sport, but enough of that. Seriously though, it’s like The Return To Preseason Football for any team that matters anymore this year. The only reason I’m jacked to watch the Seahawks/Packers game is to finally see how Seneca Wallace does when he gets to take more than ten snaps in a game and to watch Al Michaels and John Madden fall all over themselves to give Brett Favre a big sloppy… well, you know.

So what - do we start the post-season trash talk now or do we actually discuss the mostly pointless games being played this week?

I never thought I’d use the term “conference champion” when discussing the Seahawks. Seriously I’m without a rudder right now.

Yeah, but you know, there are times when some key games go down in the last two weeks. It’s sort of a bummer this year, but you can see the potential. If the Chargers hadn’t dropped that Miami game (Miami is on a 5-game winning streak incidentally, although the Pats game might be a letdown), yesterday’s Broncos game might have carried more weight. Can you believe the Broncos finished 13-3? And that Jake Plummer has more wins as a Bronco than he does as a Cardinal? Also, if the Falcons hadn’t botched that Bucs game, the Panthers game would be the primo game of the weekend. You can look at the schedule and see possibilities - which, of course, mean jack shit here and now.

Tell you what, though - Tiki Barber looked silly good.

what’s more – Jake Plummer has, like, twice as many touchdowns as he does interceptions. It’s like Plummer’s the new Favre and Favre’s the new Plummer.

Patriots Miami game was kind of fun even with the Patriots playing 2nd and 3rd stringers for most of it. The drop kick was definitely something you don’t see everyday, and damn is wiki fast they already have Flutie’s attempt in it.

this is why I’m a diehard Pats fan-
This year: Drop kick.
Last year: Adam to troy brown instead of a kick
Then there was the Faulk to Tom Brady reception
Or David Patten’s Pass run throw TD game.
A LB with 8 TD receptions-2 in SB’s.
and one OL with one.
The intentional Safety vs. Denver
Man, I just love watching this team.

As for Doug Flutie- it is sad he never got a fair shake in the NFL, his numbers- though skewed in Canada would instantly put him in the Hall.

So much for the Kyle Boller Project – stunk it up against freakin’ Cleveland.

Yeah. I actually said that same thing last season after the Super Bowl [/HRose] Check the '04 stats for those two, it’s actually pretty eerie.

YAY NINERS idiots. Actually, I’m okay with this…as long as the Texans actually draft Bush and not trade their pick to the Jets or summat. Why? Because if they do, they’ll like as not snag up whoever the best O-linemen are, which San Fran ought to do. I figure they’d deal Bush if they got him anyway for the same reasons. But, if Houston deals, then double-fuck. Are there any 1337 DBs in the draft? Or DEs?

I think it sucks that Dick Vermiel retired. I understand and all, but that team is effed without him. He’s a great coach. He put together a stellar offensive unit again, utterly different from the one he put up in St. Louis and evolved from the one he had in Philly. They should hire Herm Edwards.

Also, the only reason Bill Parcells is being dodgy about retiring is that he wants to see how good the buzz on him still. Since it’s fairly high, he’ll stay.

That drop-kick fucking ruled. It ruled because Bill Chelicheck is just awesome as a coach (for all the reasons Grundy mentions, and more), it was awesome because Doug “Immaculate Reception, Thrower (College Edition)” did it, and it was awesome most of all because it worked and we all know the difference between genius and idiocy in football is success.

Miami is looking nice. Atlanta, not so nice.

I know, a freakin’ drop-kick. Holy crap. They don’t even do that in rugby I don’t think (but they do in the AFL).

What a disappointing day to be a Cowboys fan though… a day’s of anticipation leading up to a nothing game.

— Alan

Man Carolina is looking scary.

Good, would love to see them dismantle the Giants and baby Eli. You’re right about Week 17 this year though, not much going on really. Standings are top heavy, you’ve either got it or you don’t. I can’t believe how bad the Lions are. Wow.

The commentators who did the Hawks/Packers game really had to be the worst I’ve hear this year. The fans were loud, so hearing the ref calling penalties was hard enough, but tacking on the fact that the camera controllers were too busy focusing on Alexander getting up from a tackle to actually cut to the ref to see the call, and the commentators not even bothering to say what the call was or even actually comment on the game beyond “ohhh… Alexander got the touchdown record.” No kidding, was there a doubt he was going to get one more in the game to set it?

Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Its actually helped me. Being a Steelers fan and thus stuck on CBS’ awful telecast I usually get Randy Cross’ high buffoonery non stop throughout the game. If I see the yellow flag icon come up on my screen I can tell you with 90% certainty what the call will be before the refs/announcers say a damn thing. Even if the call is total bullshit, I can tell you what it’ll be. My wife finds it really irritating, especially when I start bitching and complaining about PI penalties well before its even been called.

yeah, we have to watch the Bengals here in Cincy on CBS. It’s awesome that we rarely get a game in HD and then tack on the piss poor commentating.

About halfway through the GB-Seattle game I almost thought the CBS coverage team made the ESPN Sunday Night Football crew seem less lame.

Then I remembered how much those guys suck. Though I’d put the CBS crew in a close second. Hell, Boomer Esiason and Dan Fouts would be a better crew, and they don’t have 90 IQ points between the two of them!

Aw, too bad they didn’t play the Niners this year. You could have been treated to a litany of “YEAH THIS IS PAYBACK FOR THE SUPER BOWL BABY” insults, as if that Super Bowl was last season or something, like Chris Collingsworthless did after the Niners-Bengals game back in '99 or '00, when they both had phat offenses and bullshit defenses, and put up like almost 1200 total yards between them or something stupid like that. I got that same bullshitlast year after the Niners-Dolphins game, the one where Chris “Shut the Fuck Up” Berman invented the clever “Stupor Bowl” moniker (of which the Niners have played in both). “Yeah, payback for the SuperBowl, BAYBEE.” Riiight. That’s like having the retarded great-grandchildren of two families fighting it out to settle the score.

I always wished they’d let the local radio guys who know their team, their division and lend a little bit of credibility to the broadcasts do the telecasts too. You don’t ever have to see them, just let them talk the game so that if you step out of the room w/e you can hear what’s going on, too! I tried doing this for a while but the radio feed would never sync up and then the NFL started charging for the radio streams too. Already paying for sunday ticket. Local commentators, would give a little bit of home field advantage feel for those of us watching at home, that could be a lot of fun especially for tough division rivalries like Bears - Packers or Steelers - Ravens(BrownsA). People would probably get too riled up, though.

Yeah, old Chrissy C is an irritating fucker. He supposedly used to have commercials here for some disgusting meat packing company, but that was before I moved.

Also Chris "HE





WAY"Berman can go to hell.

Sometimes I mention Montana around my family up here and they glare at me. They can be mad all they want but Joe could fucking ball.

Oh yeah, Joe could ball ALL NIGHT BABY.

Wait a minute, why am I in a football thread?