NFL, Week 2

Lots of supposed playoff contenders trying to stop from going 0-2 today. Random thoughts on a few games:

New England @ Carolina - Some people would have called this a Super Bowl preview, but Carolina is still kind of an unknown to me. One of the more interesing matchups of the day.

Miami @ Jets - Was last week a fluke for Miami? Are the Jets really worse than everyone thought? It’s a good rivalry, and for years they always ended up in shootouts, so this could be fun to watch.

San Diego @ Denver - I think San Diego wins this, and Denver’s season, in a conference with New England, Pittsburgh, Indy, KC and SD, immediately becomes a chase for the wild card.

Kansas City @ Oakland - Kansas City looked awesome last week; we’ll see if they can keep things going, especially now that they have to defend Moss.

Seems like a weak week for NFC matchups: Monday has Giants / Saints and Redskins / Cowboys, but I don’t see either of those turning out to be particularly impressive games. St. Louis - Arizona, Detroit - Chicago, Philly - San Francisco … meh. Atlanta @ Seattle could be the best NFC matchup today.

Jesus Christ, this Philly game is just pathetic. 28-0 already. Man.

There were a few games this week that had blowout written all over them. You knew SF was in trouble this week with Philly after they lost to Atlanta. The Pittsburgh blowout is no surprise.

Minnesota down 27-0 to the Bengals? Sound the alarms.

Daunte Culpepper is just reverting back to form; he was turnover prone prior to last year, and now that he’s lost his only serious offensive weapon it’s right back to business as usual.

And so much for that much improved defense.

Just got back from the Titans/Ravens. Anthony Wright has no business watching a football game, much less playing in one.

It was a hell of a game for him. Can you believe people in Baltimore wanted this guy to start over Boller (independent of injury)? I hope the Titans defense is half as good as they looked today…if so, our season is on the right track. But the Ravens killed themselves a good bit in this game. I’ve never seen such an awful performance. The Titans finally gave them a TD in the 4th Q and then shut them down again. It was a pathetic showing by the Ravens, a team I thought would make the playoffs this year. It’s still early, but I don’t see how THAT offense has a chance. The Titans just stopped J. Lewis (literally!) and dared Wright to beat them. He couldn’t. I hate the Ravens, already, but that was hard to watch. I felt sorry for them.

Sure, and I guess Jamal Lewis has no business watching a football game either? Or maybe a single game isn’t a good barometer?

Of course I expect Billick to bench Wright so he has a scapegoat for his “genius”.

The loss of Scott Linehan as OC is sorely ignored…

Ho-ly CRAP.

I swear Seahawks fans must have a higher per-capita rate of heart disease than other fans. After a truly inspiring first half against the Falcons, they just completely fell apart in the second half. Fortunately, the defense stepped up when they had to and saved the game.

I’d say this single game was a real good barometer that Anthony Wright sucks and the Ravens were extremely overrated in the pre-season press. The Titans have the youngest team in the league and kicked the Ravens all over the field. Nobody in Nashville expected the Titans to win after the drubbing we got last week by the Steelers.

Oh, Robert, don’t ever feel sorry for watching a Brian Billick coached team that has Ray Lewis on it.

The Lions sort of lost.

Anybody else feeling sorry for Favre?

I’d only feel sorry for Favre if he didn’t already have a ring. Because he’s clearly not getting one this year. Although, they could still make the playoffs in the NFL’s worst division. Will 8-8 win the NFC North this year?

The Dolphins I thought would show up last week finally turned up today. They weren’t inept on offense, but they certainly weren’t potent. And their D let the Jets make one big third down conversion after another. The Jets are pretenders as well – they’re not going to compete with the AFC giants this year.

Indy had more trouble with Jacksonville than I thought they would today. But they now have an awesome schedule through Halloween – Browns, Titans, 49ers, Rams, Texans … they should be at least 6-1 rolling into a Monday night matchup with the Pats in November.

Pittsburgh looks great. I’m looking forward to their matchup next week with New England. It’s going to be a fun year in the AFC with Indy, New England and Pittsburgh all playing each other.

It’s looking that way, but I don’t think the Packers are going to do it. They’ve looked lost on both offense and defense this year…I’m guessing 5 wins for them. I’m thinking my Bears might actually have a shot at the division, based on everything I’ve seen so far…they’re the only divisional team that’s looked great in any one facet of the game (on defense). They might not win much outside of the division, but I can’t say I’m too scared of the divisional foes at this point. Minnesota’s probably the most likely of them to turn things around, but hopefully they’ll dig themselves into a big hole in the standings first.

I’m looking forward to next week’s game against Cincinnati…should be interesting.

In Wright’s defense I think he’s actually a halfway decent QB. For whatever reason, he wasn’t ready last week. If you’re a Ravens fan, you already know he can win you games… unless you’re getting on some instant bandwagon.

— Alan

I think the Ravens would been a lot further along if they had simply gone with Wright as their starter 3 years ago. The two first rounders they gave up for Boller could have been converted into offensive picks that would have helped them out immensely – say, a WR and an OL.

I think last week’s game was an aberration due to the complete lack of an OL. The defensive linemen were beating the ball to the QB half the time.

Hey, that’s an improvement over the last few years when they completely blew big leads. Seattle could be pretty good if this is the way their defense now performs.

No comments about a Bill Parcells team blowing a 13 point 4th-quarter lead for the first time in 78 games?

Good defensive game, albeit unexciting for about 55 minutes, then it all came crumbling down on what amounts to 4 plays. Fun stuff.

One of the most disappointing Cowboys losses that I can remember, since before the Jimmie Jones era. I mean, we’ve had some sucky losses - this one really hurt. A lax, terminal secondary that fell for basically the same play twice in 4 minutes… then bad play execution on the other end - kinda through most of the night, but really exasperated on the last two drives - really nixed it in the end.

I blame Peerless Price.

— Alan

People usually do.