NForce Driver Updates

I see that NVidia has an update for their NForce Mobos - 6.70, dated 10/26/05.

Currently, my new PC, with NForce 4 mobo, conflicts with my Aten KVM switch. I’m interested to see if the driver is more recent than what I currently have, and if it addresses this problem. But I don’t see how to check which drivers NForce is using, or how to update them.

Can anybody help?

NVidia make a flashing tool which, as an irrelevant bonus, tell you what drivers you’re using. IIRC.

There is a simpler way, that I eventually figured out, but I remember the first time I needed to know, I think I ended up finding out the version numbers of the DLLs (under your device manager) and comparing them to the release notes for the new ones.

It is all so hazy.