NFSMW, this is ridiculous!

I have never been so frustrated with a game in my life! I’m stuck at the part where I’m racing Jewel for the #8 spot and I’m drag racing (I HATE drag racing!). Right at the end, no matter what I do, this fucking van always pulls out and totals my car. How the hell do you get past this damn van? Anyone get past this point?

I’m not there yet, but I LOVE the drag racing. It’s such an awesome change of pace from the rest of the game.

Edit: Whoops, I think I just said I enjoy it because it’s fun. Wouldn’t want to get banned. It’s just more strategic than the other modes, relying so much more on positioning and timing. Sure that stuff is already in the regular races, but there’s so much else going on there and those races are so long that they just wear you down and there’s no real sense of accomplishment. By limiting your actions (locked into a single lane), the drag races place a lot more emphasis on the controls you have left, requiring greater aptitude to be successful. Add to that the fact that they’re rather short, and you have a mode that you can replay from failure several times without getting frustrated, and that clearly highlights key decisions (changing lanes at the right time, shifting at the right time) so that you can take pride in your success. It’s my favorite mode.

Just wait, you WILL hate it when you get to this one!

I forgot to say that the teward for talking me through this part is a million billion blazillion dollars. So you might be able to retire early…


Tried it. And breaking ever slow slightly. And using my “bullett-time”. Nothing works. Thjhis damn van has my name on it. And if I alter my speed ever the slightest in slowing down, my opponent zooms by and the race is over. I tried using nitous to get speed up as quick but to no avail. I’m in need of some professional help…

All I did was downshift, then floor it again. There’s no way to dodge around it, and the emergence of the van is triggered by your approach because EA sucks, so you have to alter your speed. Go around it to the right and your opponent won’t be able to pass, either.

I had a lot of trouble with the drag races (I was never very good at Dragon’s Lair), but used the following strategy a couple of times to great success, although I had to restart a few times to get it right.

When the race begins, don’t go peeling out ahead of your opponent. Instead, try to stay close to them, constantly pushing them, or at least being in a position where you can do so. Once the opportunity arises, push him into an oncoming car or immovable obstacle so that they crash. From there, just do a nice 40mph jaunt into the finish line.

The drag races are by far the worst part about the game for the exact reason that shit like this happens. But yeah, like everyone else said, just slow down. I remember having to do this particular race several times and wishing the guy driving that van was real so I could smash my car into his driver’s side door on purpose.

I was completely shocked that even in NFS-U1 that they used player triggered vehicle attacks during the drag races.

I was really looking for a good street racing simulator…

I think for that you will have to wait for “Toca Race Driver 5, Biatch!”

Weird. I always save the drag races for last on each Blacklister’s profile, because they are without exception the easiest and least frustrating events in the game for me. Over in like 20 seconds and you barely even have to steer. Cake.

Funny, I just did this part today.

I just sat in the right lane, braked a little bit, and sailed behind him. Jewels hit the van, I nitro’d to the finish line, end of story.

The first 2 or 3 times I tried other ways of getting around the van, and I thought it was pretty rediculous. You just can’t go “around” it without slowing down.

MattKeil’s right…just slow down. All the drag races are designed so that it is impossible to do them if you nail the launch and every shift. You’re forced to either slow down at times or simply not make they final shift into fifth and spend the race in fourth gear. Remember, you’re not setting a time, you’re just beating other cars to the finish line.

Most of them are, but the particular race simpilot’s talking about is just stupid. The drag races in the game go from “What the…these are easy!” to “OH HOLY SHIT GET THAT FUCKING VAN OUT OF THE WAY!!!”. :)