NHL 2022: lets not be about tampa again...

So first up, if you can watch it, the Amazon’s all-or-nothing on the leafs is a great watch. Typically those kind of views are so censored it’s only mildly interesting, and then only if you’re interested in the team. This is…well, quite the opposite. Apart from the fact that Dubas looks like hes about 20 years too young for the role, but other than that I was actually pretty impressed by him. He’s got this earnest (young) dave foley thing happening. I was less impressed with Keefe, and he came off somewhat as a blowhard to me, but I do like it when someone swears like every third word, so there is that. Ya, i recommend it…oh, and when thornton goes apeshit at ehlers(ep 4), holy fuck, that’s some good ice-camera work there.

As for my team, im…optimistic. I mean, i dont think we’re going to challenge for the cup anytime soon, but considering the tire-fire that is evander kane and our…horrible long term contracts, it was looking like we were going to be sabers-west til 2030. But getting eklund in the draft was amazing and the kid has looked great in preseason - and it even looks like he’s made the lineup. In addition to that, some of our other picks are looking good. Plus we offloaded some of the worst goal-tending the league has seen over the last two years, and the replacements are looking ok. Ya, Knock wood and all, but it may be time for sharks fans to peak out of the hole…

Oh, and I meant to post about the Kraken! Kinda excited for them, even thought about going out to vegas to see their first game(tuesday). I think they’re on a roadie for the first two weeks till their stadium is done.

Oh, and the isles have a new stadium too, don’t they? I think that’s coming in november…Ive been sorta following the isles since the whole tavares things, dunno why, but i liked a lot of their young players…though they seem to be shedding them now(like toews and hmm…i think they lost someone else i liked watching)

I’ve been a little less enchanted with the switch to ESPN though. As of now, I’ve yet to see a single mention of hockey on espn (to be fair, i dont stop by too often). And the things I did see that were running on ESPN were on ESPN+, which i guess is their subscription model. We’ll see on tuesday, i think both games are being run nationally, and I aim to check them both out (iirc, its pens/tampa and knights/kraken).

Leafs are looking good in the pre-season. I’m all ready to get jazzed up for a big letdown in the spring. I told myself ‘never again’, but what can I say? I’ve got blue and white running through my veins.

It literally can’t be the same thing again, right?

First win in franchise history.
First fight in franchise history.

Let’s go boys!

Vince Dunn vs. Yakov Trenin, October 14, 2021 - Seattle Kraken vs. Nashville Predators (hockeyfights.com)

Won lower bowl tickets. First time since COVID.

And I’m sitting next to the cannon!

The Kraken have their first home game ever tonight.

The tickets are averaging $600, making it the most expensive sporting event in Seattle sports history.

And you can’t watch the game unless you subscribe to ESPN+

Jeezus, talk about just killing your attempt to build an audience and enthusiasm for the team. The Kraken signed with the Mariners’ regional sports network (Root Sports) to air all their games, but the highly-anticipated first-ever home opener is locked away behind a paywall.

What a goddamn stupid move. It reeks of thinking of nothing but short-term gain at long-term expense.

Yeah, I’m pretty annoyed myself. I could absolutely see myself taking my kids to a Kraken game, but not like that.

well, you have to think that ticket prices will normalize after the first game(s). Im hoping to get up there this season to check out a game, so i’ll be watching the prices…

As for root, ya, that’s pretty bone-headed. It makes me glad that all my teams games are televised.

As someone who’s had to pay for out of market NHL games for years anyway (grew up in St. Louis, but live in Chicago), I’m just happy an annual ESPN+ subscription is cheaper than the old nhl.tv one was. Does suck that I can’t seem to watch replays of games that are on TNT, tho.

So the Habs finally won their first game of the season. An ugly start for a Stanley Cup finalist last season. Onwards and upwards!