NHL 2K6 -- it is league time again

It is back and that can mean only one thing. It is tournament/league time. Who is in? I haven’t seen the online rosters at all to see how complete they are. I would kind of like to wait for at least semi-complete rosters since the Capitals roster offline somehow actually got worse than last year, which I didn’t think was possible. We could do a tournament to kick things off just to get the feel of the game and the rosters then try a league or just jump right into a quick league. Thoughts ideas

I am taking the Caps, a friend of mine who doesn’t post here is taking the Stars. Every other team is wide open.

– Xaroc

I’ll take the Red Wings sight unseen. Hope they don’t suck.

I’ll take the Blues.


Wait - how does this work? I don’t think I’ve done a league before.

— Alan


Alan maybe you missed this:

I am taking the Caps, a friend of mine who doesn’t post here is taking the Stars. Every other team is wide open.


He may not play in the first league so you may be ok to take them but have a backup team you wouldn’t mind playing.

As to how it works, I will setup a league with a name and password and everyone signs up, then it generates a schedule and you play who is on your schedule each week. We will probably play a 10 game season probably top 4 teams make the playoffs (I am expecting around an 8 person league). Playoffs will probably be best of 3 or 5. Penalties will likely be 45 seconds with 5 minute periods. Still not sure about the penalty settings, too early to figure out if they are more reasonable than last year where your computer bozos put you on the PK all the time.

– Xaroc

Oh, I’m assuming this is for Xbox Live, right?


I’ll take the Flyers but we definitely need to wait for roster updates. The Flyers are way off right now. Though I guess I won’t get to say “It’s not me, it’s Roenick. He’s good.”

LOL yeah I missed it. And my Xbox is hosed.

If you’ll excuse me I’ll go back into the corner marked “clueless.”

— Alan

LOL. Of course Roenick was a Blackhawk then…

And does this version allow you to make Wayne Gretzky’s head bleed?

The review for this game in EGM isn’t too hot. They say the goalies are sieves and the AI plays a really lousy game. The AI doesn’t bother me too much, but the sieve thing does. I got scored on way too much as it was last year. I can’t imagine goalies being WORSE?

They claim the wraparound is deadly.

Anyone, anyone, Bueller?

They weren’t any kinder with the EA game either, though that scored slightly better overall. I’m looking forward to seeing the new Gretzky game because if that improved, it could be the best now. :-?



Watch the wraparound video and see for yourself. This game is a more fluid version of 2k5 with a few new features thrown in that mostly work and definitely don’t detract from gameplay.

Gretzky has a ton of issues. It scored a 67% last year, it clearly has a long long way to go. It is on the PS2 so most of the people I know can’t play it online due to the lack of a built in network adapter. Even if we could manage to round up 6 to 8 hockey fans on qt3 with ps2s with network adapters (wonder what kind of odds Vegas is going to give on that?), is it going to feature the robust leagues and stat tracking like 2k6? Gretzky is a total non-starter for me except for the PSP although that version sucked worse than the console version so I will be waiting on reviews.

I have heard the guy that did the Official Xbox Magazine review knows nothing about hockey and is not respected by the readers because he is clueless. That leaves the EGM guy as the only real outlier. I sense a Tom Chick/Deus Ex situation here.

– Xaroc

The “EGM Guy” is three people, not just one. They all gave it 7.5 and below.

The EGM review also notes that goalies are easy to beat on the glove hand, even from the blueline.


On what skill level? I have played at least 10 games so far on pro against the cpu and haven’t scored more than 5 goals in a game. If you remember I was pretty good at the last game. I have already seen at least one goal they have taken away that I could score fairly easy. The bottom line is you have to play good defense.

BTW, those guys are full of crap. I just played a game with the Avs against the Lightning firing lasers at the top right corner glove side the entire game with guys like Forseburg, Heduk, Sakic, etc. and didn’t score a single goal. Also, watch that video of the wraparounds from that one site, I am totally convinced it isn’t overpowered after watching that.

I know now not to trust reviews from EGM. They are out of the mainstream on this one and it seems obvious why.

– Xaroc

I’m going to buy the game. That’s a given. It’s only $20. I won’t be able to this week, but I’ll get it soon enough.

Anyway, I’m not sure why you’re going so nutso over EGM. Gamerankings puts the game at 78%.


That’s right in line with EGM.


The reason I am going so “nutso” is because you are holding up their one bad review against a number of 80+ reviews as some reason to be concerned about the game. That and their criticisms are not valid from what I have seen.

A 68% is not in line with a nearly 80% average. On the 1 to 10 scale under a 7 is crap. They gave it an 83% last year and the only downside to the game is the commentary which is worse, everything else is either the same or improved. I don’t see a 15% drop in score because the commentary is a bit wooden.

Honestly the game plays about the same as last year but with smoother animations. Goals you could score last year you can still score now for the most part, some as far out as the blue line especially with some traffic in front. The new controls and options are nice although I don’t know how much they will be used. I like the idea of the icon passing and I think it is pretty well implimented but you give up things like right stick stops and moves when you put it on so it is kind of a trade off. The on the fly coaching is pretty simple and easy to use to call plays both on offense and defense. The menus are still kind of a pain although maybe marginally better than last year. The entire interface is very white, which I don’t know if I like or not. In any event, it is a solid yearly upgrade for a sports title and definitely worth the $20.

Just as a side note I played the NHL 2006 PC demo and it seems better than their most recent iterations but still didn’t feel as good as 2k6. Good to see them getting better and selling it for $30 because of the pressure of 2k6. Too bad it won’t happen in football anymore.

– Xaroc

Yes. More of this…but save some for the league forums.

Xaroc, can I still get in?

Definitely, we won’t be starting until they release at least some roster update. I am just trying to get a gauge of numbers of people so when they do the roster update I can put together a proper sized league and get people to actually sign up.

BTW, that is probably my biggest criticism of the game so far. Even online the rosters aren’t up to date. I understand there is a decent amount of time between a game going gold and being pressed etc. that the on disc rosters might be out of date. However, why in the interim couldn’t they have put together a download of at least the proper rosters up to now? Hell they should be able to do weekly updates up to the beginning of the season when the rosters are pretty much stable.

– Xaroc

Yeah, not having current rosters is pretty lame so close to the start of the season.

I’m in. Picked up the game today. Just haven’t had time to try it out yet. Since the Flyers are taken, I’m not sure who I’m going to play yet. Have to think about it and try out the teams after the rosters are updated.