NHL 2K6 -- it is league time again

I have a friend who would like to play, too, if we can fit him in.

That same friend brought up a good point about roster updates; the season has yet to start, and there still might be some moves to get teams under the cap. If that is the case, then I dont mind waiting a little while for the updates.

Did someone say hockey…?

I thought I heard hockey…

Depending on when this happens, I might be able to get in. I think I would have to go with the Panthers…just cause…

Oh…and I might need to pick up the game too huh? For some reason the stores around me haven’t had it, but they have NHL 06. Very strange.

dailin! You’re alive!



So this will be for live not PS2? Damn.

Yeah, we played all the leagues with Xbox Live last year too. NFL 2K5 and NHL 2K5 both had relatively active leagues here at Qt3.

Doesn’t seem like anyone here bought Madden NFL '06, but I’d be up for a league of that on Xbox Live too.


Sure Len, always room for more. We will go with the biggest even number league we can setup. I will adjust the playoff berths to be reasonable for however many we have. Just note the teams that have been taken and drop your team selections in here when you get a chance.

– Xaroc

The Kings, please.

I’m in, and I’d like the Blackhawks.

I know right now that I’ll be unavailable to play games on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays.

Hopefully that won’t be a problem (??) . . .

Generally people can work their schedules around so you can play. If we go over time for a week though I am going to try and be quick about resolving games either via a coinflip or just deciding who wins based on availability.

– Xaroc

We have a roster update! At least a partial one. They haven’t updated the Caps fully but they suck anyway so I am switching to Nashville. I am proposing we get this league going now. You can get the roster download off of live right now so download, look at your team, and see if there are any glaring omissions.

I figure we are going to play mostly typical settings
– 5 minute periods
– penalties on default
– probably default penalty length (they seem to be longer in the games online now).
– Skill level is going to be all-star or hall of famer. I have been playing a lot and right now on pro there are just too many no skill/lucky kinds of goals going in. Don’t get me wrong there are still a variety of goal types that go in on the higher levels just not to the extent of pro. All-star kind of feels like pro from last year. Hall of Famer really requires you make a good play to get a goal. I am open to either setting, let me know your preference.

Good sportsmans rules:
– Don’t drive by/tuck goal/wrap around constantly. You can take the goal if it is open but don’t cheese people by sitting in the corner or behind the net and trying these goals over and over. We are trying to play hockey not meta game the game.
– Don’t dive constantly especially in places where hockey players wouldn’t dive. Basically if you are in the defensive zone and it is a last ditch thing then yeah layout but don’t dive in the offensive or neutral zones, it is cheesy and unrealistic. It is ok to try and block passes/shots with it but again only in the defensive zone. Again we are trying to play something resembling hockey.
– Don’t poke check the goalie. You can work out with who you are playing if you want to try and force faceoffs or whatever (me I like to just keep the play moving and back off to the hash marks but that is a personal preference).
– If the puck goes in through the back of the net or side of the net (seen this bug once) give the other player a goal to even up the bug. It is easy enough to left trigger and black button to take control of the goalie and move him out of the way to let the goal in quickly. This doesn’t apply to odd bounces or other odd goals just pure glitch goals where you can see it go in the side or back of the net. If it happens in overtime I believe I can reset the game so it can be replayed.

Anyway, I will probably create this tonight or tomorrow. Give me feedback today if you have any issues with anything I have mentioned or want to add things or your team isn’t right or whatever.

– Xaroc

Sounds good, just post the league name and password as soon as you create it and I’ll join up.

I’ll goof around with the teams and give you my choice ASAP.


Ok here is the info:

Name: qt3
Password: koontz

10 teams
10 games
6 make the playoffs
5 game series in the playoffs
Time between games and series 7 days

All-Star level
5 minute periods
5 on 5 OT play until someone wins (none of this shootout crap)
45 second penalties
penalty levels default
left fighting on since it is a player decision now, but no bonus from it (default settings)

Everything else is default. Ask me if you have a question about any of the settings.

Dave you can grab any team unclaimed in this thread, just join up and choose it. Those are all first come first served.

– Xaroc

Sorry to sound like an idiot, but can anyone tell me how to change lines in 2k6. According to the manual, I have to be on advanced controls, hold down left trigger and use the dpad to cycle through. I’ve tried, but no luck.

You have to turn it on in the options as well. If you want a change without manual line changes on just dump the puck in after you cross the red line but before you hit the blue.

– Xaroc

Yeah, you specifically have to turn it on or you can’t do it. But Xaroc’s dump the puck method works pretty well if you’re lazy too.


I finally found it, thanks. I’m surprised such a basic option is so deeply buried in the Setup menu, but that’s fine. I much prefer to play with it on because the CPU takes too long to rotate lines and doesn’t really try to take advantage of mismatches on the ice. Now that I can manually change my lines, I’m loving this superb game even more. (Wish my goalie knew how to handle wrap-arounds, though.)

I would change my own lines but I find I have to take my mind off the action too much to do it. With the dump puck method by the time the other team gets the puck I am done or almost done with my change which is more important to me than matchups.

Oh, just FYI, the cpu will almost never change your lines unless you dump the puck in so it is still really in your hands even if not on manual. You won’t choose the line but you can choose when to do it.

– Xaroc

The computer will usually make changes at stoppages of play depending on the tiredness of your team. I often hold the puck with my goalie (Y button) to get the whistle and the change. Xaroc hates when I do that. :D


Oh…didn’t notice that the league had been setup already. I will join that asap.