NHL: Home and Away colors

When I was a kid, the home team always wore whites, and the away team wore darks. A couple years ago, with the introduction of the money-making third (and in some cases fourth or fifth!) jersey, it seemed the NHL went to home team in dark – which, I understand, is the way it was in the old days.

This year, I don’t seem to see any rhyme or reason. Home team is sometimes in whites, sometimes in darks. This bothers me. Is there any logic here that anyone can explain to me?

Well I think that all the teams now have 3 jerseys… the Kings for example have a 3rd dark colored jersey…but who wears what when… no idea and I HATE that i have to spend a few minutes figuring out which team I am rooting for…

I await a more knowledgeable person’s answer.

I thought locations with higher average temperatures used light jerseys when at home to keep their players cool, while cooking the opposing team’s players and vice versa for locations with lower average temperatures.

I have no idea where I got this from.

Edit: ahah! holy crap I thought the thread title was NFL Jersey Colors.


It’s still darks at home, whites away, unless the teams agree to a third sweater. I haven’t seen any games where teams were wearing white at home, Sean, though I can’t say to have really looked for it, either. Also haven’t seen much of the third sweaters this season. Seems sort of like the third-sweater fad has died down a bit. Leafs never seem to wear their old-fashioned sweaters now. Think just once this year. Saw the Habs white-blue sweaters one game, too, which I really like even though I naturally despise everything else about the franchise.

Actually, Brett, the game that got me to start this thread was the last Boston game at the ACC. If it wasn’t for the markings on the ice, I thought they were in Boston: the Leafs were wearing their whites with the “old-fashioned” logos (I think that logo is used whenever facing an Original Six team, BTW).

Like I said… no rhyme or reason!