NHL2004 -- hows the online play?

I picked this game up for my brother, who’s a huge hockey fan. It came with a coupon for online play, but I gather you’ve got to pay for it after a while.

Has anyone played this online? Is it any good and worth the money?

And today, we learn that mass-market sports games aren’t a QT3 speciality.

What are those “sports” that you are talking about?

You only have to pay if you want to use EA’s online service, you can still do LAN or direct IP games (assuming we’re talking about the PC version here) without using their service.

Having said that the coupon you get gives you a good number of free months on EA Online, possibly even a free year’s subscription (I don’t recall - plus I’m more of a Madden guy and it may be different for NHL). After that it’s $5 a month.