Ni no Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom

I didn’t see a thread for this, so let’s get things started with the newly unveiled PSX trailer.

This is supposed to be coming in 2017 and looks like it’s everything good about the original, including the arresting visuals, but bigger and more. Presumably if you liked the first one you’ll like the second one quite a lot. In any case, it’s probably worth discussing.

The first one had a lot of tedious grinding, if I recall?

Not necessarily grinding, I just remember some tedious aspect to it. I really wanted to like it, but I recall it bogging down before too long. Maybe it was just the Pokemon style acquisition of correct counter elements? I just remember running out of steam before the game was even half done.

If they streamlined some of those elements out, I might be interested.

Nothing abnormal. I had to stop and grind out a few levels towards the end, but that’s all I can recall. Pretty typical for JRPG kind of stuff.

I wonder if they’ll bring the first game to the PS4? The first one came out after my PS3 died.

Coming to PC too! Yay!

Nice! I have several PC only friends that skipped the first so it’s cool they can check out the second. I hope playing the first isn’t going to be a requirement to enjoy the narrative.

On that note, I see IGN put a “12 things you need to know” after having played the second game, including some changes to combat.

Ah, okay, an different tale entirely. Perfect!

Just curious, how does the combat in this game compare and contrast to Tales of Berseria?

No one really knows yet, I’m afraid. The combat in the original Ni No Kuni was completely different from Tales, though.

This compare and contrast essay would receive an F in writing class. :)

Where’s @WarpRattler to help me out here?

Heh. Ok then. A quick overview of them.

Combat in Tales of Berseria resembles brawlers. There’s a big emphasis on combos and special attacks, but you can configure combos freely to fit your preferred game style. You have a party but you only control one character at a given time. It’s a bit button-mashy, very flashy, and it can be really enjoyable for fans of brawlers.

Combat in Ni No Kuni, on the other hand, resembles a bit the ATB system in Final Fantasy games. You have a party, but the characters in the party don’t fight directly. Each character has a team of familiars, small spirits that can be used - one at a time - in battle. Each familiar has a set of attacks and skills that you may choose in quasi-turn-based fashion, and then you have a cooldown, and then you choose another action. You can change familiars in battle, and your character can also cast spells.

What both have in common is how they rely on using the weaknesses of your enemies for your advantage - elemental weaknesses mostly, but also a variety of useful conditions and statuses you can inflict on them. They’re also both real-time. Other than that, they are very different in feel.

How’s that? A bit better?

A+ would read again.

It sounds like the sequel is going further down the path of real time combat, but it’s probably too far from what I’m interested in at the moment (or have time for). Good to know.

my daughter is ready, Ni No Kuni is her favourite game ever, she still plays it from time to time… she has the same name as the main character in Ni No Kuni… 2017 is a bit vague for release date, I would buy it on PC but I guess that will even be later than the PS4 release… I liked the first game very much, but got distracted by a different game (as usual)

Your daughter’s name is Oliver?

The official stance, for now, is that Ni No Kuni 2 will have a simultaneous release, worldwide, and on all (supported) platforms. So PC should be released at the same time as the PS4 version. (Let’s hope that doesn’t change)

the other one…

The White Witch?! :)

either Shadar or Esther…

Yeah, I figured it was Esther… just messing with you. ;)

Embargo for reviews must have broken this morning (and I see it drops later this week)! I haven’t been following this much, largely because the combat being full on real time turned me off a bit. However, watching some of the recent videos it’s piqued my interest a bit more so I’m pleased to see it get damned good reviews (scores, any way, I havne’t read any of the actual reviews yet).

It’s coming on PC as well this time, so I may grab it on that platform now that Pillars 2 got delayed and I’m in the mood for an RPG. But I kind of also want FarCry 5 which comes out … next Tuesday, I think? So I’m a little conflicted.

I bought it (PC, obviously) and I intend to play it as soon as I can (probably this weekend), and I’ll try to post my impressions here when I do.

Please do! Initial impressions seem positive and it sounds like there are a lot of changes from the first one.