Ni No Kuni: crossing the midline

Title Ni No Kuni: crossing the midline
Author Brandon Cackowski-Schnell
Posted in Game diaries
When August 9, 2013

Early on in Ni No Kuni, a JRPG for the Playstation 3, wizard-in-training Oliver and his band of adventuring pals are tasked with completing a set of trials to prove they're capable of tackling Shadar..

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Oh boy. This is going to make me want to play this again. I guess I might as well get out the copy I stole from Merryprankster...

I remember the statue puzzle section was a brick wall for me to the point that I almost gave up. Eventually I brute forced it but that wasn't the only time that a game mechanic screwed me up.

When I played Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks I was permanently stuck due to the section where you have to blow into the DS as I have horrible allergies and couldn't maintain a breath through the whole song. I basically got through 30 minutes and had to give up.

This was really touching Brandon! I find gaming the most rewarding and interesting when it can touch on our lives or show us how it feels to exist as a person who comes from a different experience. Cart Life was one such experience for me. Looking forward to your next entry. :)

You got NoHighScores in my QuaterToThree...or did you get QuaterToThree in my NoHighScores....either way, it's a rather satisfying sensation. I cannot wait to read more.

There was an Xbox Live Arcade game named Schizoid that played a lot with this concept. One orange ship, one blue ship, each controlled with a different stick and required to destroy enemies of its same color. It's not so bad when you can keep things segregated to left / right or up / down, but the moment you have to reverse their positions Ni no Kuni-style, the sensory dissonance just pretzels your brain.

Thanks for the post Brandon, I really dig your stuff on No High Scores!