Nice looking dual trash cans?

OK, perhaps this task is supposed to be simple enough that I can do it on my own, but if so, I fail at the internetz.

I’d like a decent looking dual trash can or reasonable single trash can that I can buy two of.

This is for home office use. One would be for trash, the other for recycled stuff (we have single stream recycling).

Mostly what I see on the internet is cheap looking plastic stuff or industrial looking stainless steel type stuff.

The furniture in my office is mostly mid-tone wood (oak-y) - I’d probably prefer something wood or maybe wicker or something.

As mentioned above, a reasonable single trash can would be fine, too, provided I could buy two of them and they’d go nicely together side by side. Go nicely together means looking decent and being space efficient, lined up side by side. Circular trash cans are not ideal for this purpose (waste a lot of space and wouldn’t really look matched for side-by-side). Even something like this, that’s square, isn’t ideal because it’s heavily tapered, so there’d be a big gap near the floor between the two trash cans.

I would think that with more widespread recycling, many folks would be interested in something like this.

I also tried a few brick and mortar stores, but didn’t look too hard and didn’t find anything I liked. Would Linens and Things carry a lot of stuff like this?

I vote no one gives him advice until he resolves the dog issue.

Seriously, you need help to find trash cans??

Procure the services of your local high school wood shop and make a donation.

This is the internetz. Hopefully someone has bought something like this recently, or at least knows a store that carries stuff like this.

Yeah, I would think it would be easy to find on the internet.

And yet, it isn’t.

But which high school? And what wood? What varnish? Or should there be varnish, doesn’t that harm the environment? What racial breakdown should he look for in the high school? And honestly, is wood the right answer? I know it’s a renewable resource, but my GOD, look at what happened to Easter Island!

Personally, I went with trash cans built into my cabinets. It’s a faux front cabinet that pulls out with trash can like This

Or, you could try a stand-alone one like this

Since I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you aren’t trolling I will try to answer your questions to the best of my abilities:

It depends. What you’re looking for isn’t just a regular high school, but one of those high schools where they send the kids that got expelled from their regular schools. All the ones in the neighborhoods where I grew up were named after Sports Superstars.

And what wood?
Joshua Tree, you might have to special order this, and it won’t hold confetti or chads worth a damn, so don’t try to throw away shredded paperwork or anything, but they are stylish as all get out.

What varnish?
Un-needed, Joshua Tree lasts forever.

Or should there be varnish, doesn’t that harm the environment?
Who cares? people with offices that sound as nice as his are typically Republican, do you really think they give a shit about the environment?

What racial breakdown should he look for in the high school?
Race isn’t important, but you won’t get anything worth using if the kids making it don’t listen to heavy metal and classic rock, it’s like a rule or something.

And honestly, is wood the right answer?
If you’re unsure about wood I’d go with leather.

We have a black and gray set of these trashcans. They’re nothing super fancy but they lock so the animals can’t get in them, they don’t take up too much space, and they’re easy to move around.

We have this can by SimpleHuman:

We just got it. The bins are a little narrow for my taste, and it’s a little kludgy to put in regular-sized liners, but it’s soundless, looks beautiful, and requires an adult to step on the pedal – hence, kid-proof – so it’s a win.

PS: We did not spend $180 on it. We found it at Ross for like half that price.

The Container Store sells a variety of trash containers.

Cheap Vaporizer

Do you keep one in each of the sheds (where you compose your music)?

Dual trashcans should be nerfed!

Hahaha, I was just thinking about that. Even sadder, I was thinking that if you dual wield trash cans for tanking, are there any decent trash cans at level cap that have enough +hit, or do you have to rely on gemming, or talents to make sure you create enough threat. I’m a horrible monster, and deserve to die…

Do you mean something like this?

edit: forgot they need to be squarish so it this more like it?

I ordered two of these. Not exactly what I had in mind, but hopefully will be nice.

That’s a ballsy trashcan for kitchen waste, but not a bad choice for a home office. It kind of looks office’y even.

I see I came too late but in case you change your mind or need another, try googling for recycling sorters rather than trash cans. You’ll find a wider selection of sectioned off cans/baskets. Example: