Nicolas Cage Continues To Pay Off His IRS Debt


My friend wants to see Left Behind so badly, lol, I am like NO!!!

Once in awhile he has a ok film, I liked that one where he had to transport the witch to the church, in medieval times.

His IMDB , many horrible films in the last 5 years.

I thought he was excellent in Kickass though, credit where credit’s due.

I thought the Croods was very cute too. I will be seeing the second one unless the reviews are horrific (looking at you Walking with Dinosaurs)

I kinda enjoyed Knowing (though yeah, that was 5 years ago now.)

Let me quote Michael Caine on why he made Jaws 4:

“I have never seen it [Jaws 4] but by all accounts it is terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built and it is terrific.”

Esepcially if Nic Cage owes the taxman money. A man’s got to do what he got to do.

Con Air + Mortal Kombat = Jiu Jitsu

“The Spaceman”

Can’t wait to see this.

“The Spaceman” looks a lot like a guy in a rubber suit. I guess their CGI-fu is not good enough to add an extra pair of arms or legs, or another head.

Since the thread just got bumped anyhow.

You’re finally getting your wish


Yep. Although They could go sideways real fast with this one. Ice Age made it two in before it ended the way it did.

Ha, well there you go.

I’ll probably end up seeing it, simply because I have 3 kids. There was some Netflix animated show too, but that was without Cage, or any of the name actors, for it.