Nidhogg - pixel art 2D sword fighting/platforming

Game has been mentioned in several threads but does not appear to have its own.

Official website.

Most recent trailer.

Game apparently launches Monday, 13 January on Steam.


It’s about time. I swear there was a bunch of reporting about this game like 3 or 4 years ago. I wanted to play it then, and here we are now.

It sounds like a lot of fun.

i played it in a punk rock music venue in brooklyn on some kind of arcade machine. had no idea what it was at the time, just assumed it was some ancient relic. it was highly enjoyable.

Looking forward to this. I’ve only played it once, but it was so much fun. In the (short) meantime, Eggnog is available, which is a Nidhogg-like game ( Pretty fun, but easy to spawn camp and not as interesting visuals.

I was starting to wonder if this would never get a regular release and stay as a “festival” game. Really want to try it, after all the hype. I would love to hear why they took the release approach they did with the game. Was it some principled indie stance? A marketing strategy?

What venue was that, moss_icon?

Death by Audio.

Hell is freezing over, I guess!

I’d always assumed this game was deliberately kept from the public and instead only a select few people are allowed to play and hype it (in the way that only games journalists can), thus creating the idea that it’s some kind of perfect game. Is it the same game as 4 years ago?

I guess the guy needs funds or something?


They need to tone the graphics down a bit I think. My 8086 can’t quite run it at full speed.

I didn’t realize this wasn’t released. I played it various times at various venues in NY, most recently while hanging around NYU’s Gamecenter, where it was one of the games available to play on a select-an-indie game arcade cabinet someone had set up in the hall. I guess I just always assumed you could download it from Messhof’s website. I never thought that it would be a game you had to pay for because the design seems fairly limited in a cheap flash game kind of way.

Um, G-Man, you’re not giving Nidhogg the requisite amount of fellating.

That was more entertaining than tonight’s episode of Community, and I love Community.

2 dudes dead so far, this is a very unique and fun game. Summer Sale 2015 Seal of Approval!

If you can get someone else to play it with you, definitely do so. It’s fantastic at local multiplayer, and very fun to discover all the strange strategies and interactions with someone.

This game puts a smile on my face.

You know, I think this type of sword fencing (based on observation and stances mainly, with automatic parry if you made the right choice but high damaging if not) should be tried to be adapted for more 3d action games, instead of using button combos or pressing direction keys + attack, etc.

Nidhogg 2!

I don’t like the new art style. The old game, even if it had silly things like the worm thing or the hilarious plays it could produce, and had a very primitive art, that primitive art transmitted an air of classiness, a more somber tone.
The new art style looks more like an attempt to be popular with a younger audience, aiming to youtubers?

is there a way to keep the stick figures? that was the charm that got us playing

I would argue that the original game was intended for a YouTube audience, which is why only youtubers and game journalists got to play it for the first 5 years or so.