NIER Gestalt/Replicant

Started playing yesterday and just finished with the lost temple thingy in the second half/part of the game.

So far I think the game is criticized pretty harshly. Yes, there are many fetch quests, but I only did 2-3 of those, but at least at this point in time skipping them is not a problem.

The soundtrack is absolutely wonderful. The bossfights are a tad easy on normal. I’m consideringn exiting out of the game to the main menu and switching to hard for those fights…

The last mutli-phase bossfight of part 1 of the game was amazing.

So far I’m really enjoying this game and for 30 bucks I think it was a hell of a bargain.

Yes, the graphics aren’t that good and the design has some rough edges here and there, but I would rather play a slightly flawed game than another highly polished incarnation of some FPS.

30 bucks?! where’s this? spill!

30 euro, sadly, not dollars. It’s a dutch webshop, so depending on your locaction that might not help. The adress is

Alright, got Ending A. First playthrough took 18 hours and 28 minutes. Substract half an hour for fishing in the wrong spot for shaman fish and nearly throwing my controller through the TV in frustration.

Yes, entering two of the dungeons three times was a tad annoying, but overall I think I found my “Game of the Month - June”.

Especially the two boss fights and the end of the first and second half of the game were amazing, especially with the excellent soundtrack.

My biggest complaint is that the game offers only three save slots, which limits saving before “epic want to replay this section” moments.

Got endings C and D today, also finished up the DLC. Each play-through after the first didn’t take long, only took me about 10 hours to get the other three endings.

Minor non-story related spoilers about the subsequent play-throughs.

The second play-through is pretty cool, if you liked the reading parts of the game there is a big chunk of it in the beginning of the second play-through all about Kaine’s past. There are added scenes when you enter every dungeon that give names and back-story to all the bosses. There is also a new character in a manner of speaking, though he’s not as chatty as I would have liked. The third play-through only changed 1 thing that I saw, the cut-scenes were the same as before except for the ending if you got all the weapons. You don’t need to play it a 4th time to get ending D, just load up an old save and pick the other choice during the last part of the game.

The DLC is alright, really short. The newish songs were all good. I did like the extra outfits though. You can totally see Kaine’s bulge in the Kabuki outfit :O. Hope they make a sequel, really loved this game.

There’s a lightning deal on the PS3 version at Amazon right now. It’s $41 for the next 5 minutes. Not sure how good a deal that is though. I’ve got a feeling a game like this can’t have been much of a hit. There’s another lighting deal coming up in 5 minutes that sounds like the same game, so maybe it will be the 360 version.

liked it, the main story kept me going through some of the grindy parts. i did have to go through the junk heap way too many times to get what i needed for stuff like upgrading and progressing to the next part of the story.

plus, the second play through made things really, really depressing to me. a minor accomplishment given the stuff that happened in the first playthrough, and how many funny lines i smiled or laughed at. after i found the beepy cutscene and knowing what i had to do, i decided to put the game away and just watch the alt endings on youtube. reading kaine’s backstory was a lot more fascinating than the brief summary and hints i’ve read before. no fair game, making me care about the monsters!

I picked this up from Gamestop a few weeks ago for 15 bucks and wow am I impressed. I have logged about 24 hours so far and I am just a little over half way done with the game and I just want to keep going. There is a lot of game here and I am loving all of it so far.

The entire FF XIII design team should play it and then feel sad they couldn’t come up with something 1/10 as good with 100 times the budget.

I have one word to sum up this game.


Jesus Christ that fucking ending!

I am still listening to the soundtrack for this fucking thing. I really want to play through the game again too, but every time I approach a JRPG these days my interest just fizzles. Saving it for a rainy day, I guess.

A new NieR game has been announced! I was happy to hear about the other megaton announcements, but this is the one that got me good. It didn’t even occur to me that there could be another game made, it just seemed impossible. Not only is one being made, but Platinum is involved too!? The combat in the first game was lacking, bringing in Platinum is wonderful.

Here’s the short teaser.

Time to listen to the soundtrack of the first game again!

I’m dubious about whether this is something to be excited about. I mean, Nier is an amazing accomplishment. Probably my favorite game of that generation. But it’s also a pretty self-contained piece that hardly cries out for a sequel, and are they really going to manage to pull something that good off twice? I dunno. That said, worth keeping an eye on.

Remaster of this game incoming.

April 23, 2021 release date. PS4, Xbox One, Steam is what I saw listed at the end of the trailer. No next gen consoles.

is Nier (PS3) and Nier Replicant the same game? I have it on PS3 in my backlog …

Nier: Replicant is one version of the 360/PS3 era Nier. I think the one that came out on PS3 was also Replicant. The one that came out on 360 in the US was Gestalt. They’re 95% the same game, the only difference is that Nier himself is a middle-aged dad in Gestalt (IMO a much more interesting version of the character) and in Replicant he’s the anime prettyboy you see in the trailer above and is an older brother rather than a father to the little girl that’s a big driver of the plot. My understanding is this does change his characterization, also. I wish they were doing Gestalt as a remaster, but they did that specifically for American audiences, as I understand it, and the remaster probably isn’t driven by American demand.

Edit: Sounds like Gestalt was also on PS3. not sure which you have. There’s definitely not enough different to warrant repurchasing Replicant if you already have Gestalt, though, unless you just really want the shinier visuals or want to play on PC/PS4. (I assume you can play the 360 version on Xbone, but may be wrong, I don’t own an Xbone.)

Eurogamer review of the new version.

“…this slight reimagining turns a weak game into an okay one.”

Wow. Nier is a total classic, the best game I played on 360. That reviewer could barely be more wrong.

Out today! ;)