Night At The Museusm 2: Battle of the blah blah blah Amy Adams!

The movie was awful as a movie, but there were about 3 or 4 comedy bits that were roll-on-the-floor…and I could watch Amy Adams in modified “flight pants” roaming an art museum that has come to life for a couple more hours…please.

I agree that Amy Adams was super hot in this movie, but I also enjoyed the movie as a whole as light, inconsequential fluff. And Hank Azaria in particular was fantastic in his role. There is also a particular scene between Stiller and Azaria, and a scene between Stiller and Jonah Hill that I found especially funny.

The story was weak, but the casting made up for it. I wish there was more Bill Hader and Ricky Gervais and less Ben Stiller, but you can’t have everything.

I just saw it this past Friday and pretty much agree. The movie itself was pretty average and nothing spectacular, but it did have some great humor bits here and there that made up for it. Just felt like they tried to hard in some areas.

Still worth it though if you enjoyed the first movie.

I thought the individual actors (except the phone-ins from Owen wilson and Robin Williams)especially Amy Adams and Bill Hader, were great. The movie itself was kind of gruesome cross between Ghost Busters 2 and Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure, better than the former, but worse than the latter. It was somewhat saved by some inspired comedy routines, and some great actors. I guess I can’t give it a real “pass” because of the $100 it cost to take the whole family and buy them movie food…which was my own damned fault.

I agree with the casting. I thought Hank Azaria was inspired and Chris Guest completely wasted. The Napoleon actor was great as well. From what I read he’s a french Abrams Zucker.

Tickets on Saturday afternoon were $4 for my kids and $6 for adults. I thought that sounded kind of cheap for movies these days.

My wife INSISTED we see it on IMAX. $10 each * 5 (bargain priced) plus “kid’s packs” (upgraded) $7 * 3 plus a large popcorn and large drink for us $11 ( $50+$21+11) =$83. My.Own.Damned.Fault.

I didn’t love it. It was okay some but not many laughs. Amy Adams was probably the saving grace.

Amy Adams was about the only thing this movie had going for it. Talk about a perfunctory, obligatory sequel. Bad script, boring effects, predictable.

I’m not a movie snob at all. Hell, my kid and I enjoyed the movie about the flies who become astronauts. But I was really relieved when this finally ended.