Night Watch

Anyone try the demo for this one, another Nival product (though the actual developer seems to be some other Russian studio)? I tried the demo and it plays pretty well. It’s clearly based on the Silent Storm/Hammer & Sickle engine with more RPG elements and a supernatural plot that supposedly springs from some Russian sci-fi author of note.

I have no idea who is publishing it in the USA though, or when it will be available.

I downloaded the demo… If the game is good, they had better not Star Wolves us. Took me forever to get a hold of Star Wolves without paying an arm and a leg.

Based on the film Nightwatch/Nochnoy dozor?

Great film. Could see why it would make a good rpg.

The film is based on a series of novels.

oh, will have to look to see if there’s an english translation available.

Not based on the Discworld book? Damn.

I was hoping it was based on the Rembrandt painting and you get to control an elite team of overweight 17th Century Dutchmen.

Close; in one of the demo missions you encounter an overweight Russian police officer who sounds British.