Nightflyers - Syfy, George R.R. Martin, Event Horizon

Yes, I know the short story, novella, and 1987 movie were before Event Horizon. Chill out.

You had me at Event Horizon.

I’m a sucker for space horror, I don’t even particularly care if it’s any good or not. I’m in.

I heard this mentioned as Psycho on a space ship.

I am in!

1 month away!

So, a cast of about a dozen people, standing still, looking around themselves in circles?

I’d really love to see Fevre Dream or the Armaggedon Rag done… I don’t think Dying of the Light would work though.

Yeah. That might be why Syfy dumped this out all at once

I find it strange that people who aren’t Roger Ebert continue to post reviews on Roger Ebert’s website.

“Tom Clancy” is still churning out novels even though he’s been dead for years.

It’s all about the brand™.

I did not know that. Tom Clancy is still churning out novels? Really?

I suppose it’s like James Bond. I was always confused as a kid which novels were real Ian Fleming original novels, and which ones were written afterward, so I just avoided all the novels as a result and just watched the movies instead.

But the latest. Usually 1-2 per year.

This is not a bad show… although it seems like it’s basically just Event Horrizon turned into a miniseries.

The show was…ok…not pleased with the ending…and it kind of wandered all over the place…

I really want to watch the movie again, but it seems like it’s never been released as a DVD. Weird, hunh?

Watched the first 3 episodes. Pacing is off, story-telling is weak, science is almost non-existent.

I’m not enjoying this show.

Got through the first three episodes, then deleted the rest of the recordings. It’s boring. I can’t remember one good moment from what I watched so far.

It’s not awful. The production values are good, and none of the actors does a bad job. There’s just nothing compelling about any of it. What a disappointment.

This show is an absolute mess. It’s like the writers took every hokey sci-fi/horror idea they had and threw it haphazardly at the wall. Psychic abilities: tick, killer robots: tick, axe-wielding crazies: tick. The plot meanders lazily not really caring about its destination. It reminds me of the Monty Python sketch where the fat guy is at a restaurant and the waiter asks him what he would like to order. “Everything, everything mixed up in a bucket”.

Having said all that, it was still mildly entertaining. Since you never really know what is going to happen next (did the writers?) it held my interest somewhat. I don’t recommend it though.

My vote: 4/10.

Yeah but the bucket was for … something else.

“Ah, good afternoon, sir. And how are we today?”



“Better get a bucket. I’m gonna throw up.”

I was looking for something to watch while being moderately drunk. The first episode seems promising, but coming here it seems like the rest doesn’t live up to it. Should I bail now?