Nighthawk X4 router-- thoughts?

It’s on a good sale right now on Amazon. My current one is an ASUS RT-N66U but it’s not an AC router, just an N. I figure I’ll bequeath it to my sis, who’s got an ancient Wireless G router that may not be long for the world.

I have an AC1900 that my mother-in-law gave me when she got a new one, thinking there was something wrong with the old one. There wasn’t, but that’s another tale. I installed the 1900 and it’s been amazing since, with such a stronger signal to the point where I use the on-board wireless from my motherboard instead of the ethernet connection as it’s almost the same speed and equally as reliable, even for gaming.

I mention this as it looks like the X4 you are talking about is a huge leap over even the 1900, so I’d say it’s probably worth it just based on my own experience.

I’m not sure which specific model you’re referring to, but I have the X4 AC2350. It’s fine. Seems mostly reliable, but I do usually have to reboot a few times a month, and occasionally it just for no apparent reason drops connection and I have to restart my adapter on my laptop to get it reconnect. Range is nothing to write home about. It doesn’t reach the far corners of the house, but that doesn’t really bother me too much.

I’m probably not a very sophisticated user of routers, though. I just connected it to the modem and connect devices to the wi-fi. I’m sure it’s capable of more than that, but I only pay attention to it when something fucks up.

Thanks, guys. It was the 2350 that was on sale but I didn’t pull the trigger in time to get in on the DOTD price. I’m sure it’ll come around again.

I replaced my Asus RT-N66U with a Ubiquiti Edgerouter and one of their ac lite ap units.

Bit of a pain in the ass to set up the router, but after it was done they’ve been 100% up for about four months and rock solid. The dynamic qos is also fantastic.

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I upgraded to a full-on Ubiquiti setup a couple months ago. USG3, two US-8-60W switches, and a UAP-AC-PRO, with the Unifi controller running in a linux container on my home server. This allows me to do all sorts of neat stuff but most importantly, lets me dump the rat’s nest of scripts I had been using to VLAN and firewall off my IOT devices. Now everything is in the GUI.

It’s really prohibitively expensive for a home setup, and what I had before worked perfectly well, but what the hell? I enjoyed the project.

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