Nightmarish chase scene re-enacted at local university

Nightmarish chase scene re-enacted at local university

Apologies if this has already been posted.


Thats amazing.

Excuse me, but the ghosts do NOT go “wakka wakka wakka.” Sheesh!

I don’t think Pac-Man goes “AHHHH! OH GOD OH GOD!” either.

From now on, in my imagination, he will always do exactly that.

I hadn’t looked at the URL and was wondering why those locations looked so familiar to me…

I was hoping a power dot would appear and the monster would change color.

So simple, and yet so funny. :lol: And that’s the biggest computer lab I’ve ever seen.

I’m too big of a geek to not be annoyed with the “wakka wakka” thing, but otherwise it’s pretty funny. It is interesting to find out that Pac-Man is a coward, though.

That’s our campus…

Opinion is that Pac-Man was yelling to make sure folks were aware of their passing, and that left the ghost having to take up the “wakka” torch.

Pacman’s screams were the best. A+


my favorite prank,actually was lucky enough to witness it

Yes that’s a cop car on top of the great dome at MIT.

Ok, I’ll bite. How did that happen to get up there? I think it’s an illusion of some sort, but that’s just a guess.

It’s a hologram. :wink:

As I recall, it was stripped down, disassembled, and reassembled at the top. Complete with a dummy cop inside… and a box of donuts.