This is a program about the night shift for EMS, Fire and Police in New Orleans. The format is a mix between Cops and some other shows. Shows real life events in pseudo real time narrated by the responders in some scripted monologues. Gives a good sense of the shift they put in. Dick Wolfe of Law and Order fame is one of the producers.

IMHO it is worth a watch. Being and A&E thing, I think they have free episodes on the link.

Im sure the show gives you a good glimpse into these peoples jobs but if this show were true to life in its depiction, it would be horrific. The stuff that EMTs, Firemen and Police see is the stuff of nightmares. My hats off to the people who do this for a living, you have to be made of pretty strong stuff to stay sane.

I think there is some fairly careful editing of the gore. The focus seems to really be about their interaction with those they encounter.

One episode there is a guy that burns to death in a tanker truck in a huge fire, and they have to look at the charred corpse and describe what they see to a doctor over the wire, so the MD can officially pronounce time of death. EMT’s get thrown up on and pooped around, and some people that are shot that they take in don’t make it - but yeah I have not seen them expressly experience anything out of expectations horrific at this point. Definitely it is a constant flow though, and I am sure it take a toll.

It will be interesting to see where the series goes.

This show is starting a second season tonight on A&E. I believe a new season of First 48 is running as well.