Ninety-Nine Nights demo out on live

The english demo for 99 nights is up on xbox live, around 600 megs. Downloading now.

I also noticed there is a demo for table tennis as well. Don’t know if its new, but I haven’t seen it before.


Finally - Finally - FINALLY - 360 games that are actually good are coming out!

Or at least, appear to be good.

EDIT: Table Tennis came out a few days ago.

Yay, N3 demo! I was pumped about this game, despite knowing about the no-saving-or-checkpoints-during-missions, until I found out these missions also have boss fights.

Say it with me: DYNASTY! WARRIORS! CLONES! DO! NOT! HAVE! BOSS! FIGHTS! It’s a rule.

Well… this one does. So I’d say the “rule” is more of a guideline.

The boss fight after 45 minutes of going through a level with no checkpoints is going to kill this game for me. Still I will check out the demo because it looks fantastic and the fighting looks like it will very cool.

Shhh. Grownups are talking.

Next LIVE update, I want the functionality to queue things for download on my 360 from via a nice interface.

Only when it’s on, of course.


Agreed. :( That was a real killer for DW. I’ll check out the demo, though.

You know… I can’t think of a single game that refused to have checkpoints or saves that “worked”

More than “heightening the tension” or “immersing you in the game,” this “feature” basically usually just leads to sheer frustration and boredom.

Can anyone think of a game in which this worked?

Go play any game made on the NES. No saves, no checkpoint saves.

They seemed pretty good back in the day.

Yeah, but we were 13 “back in the day” with no lives and nothing better to do than throw our time away trying to beat a boss.

And when I say “we”, I mean “you” because Nintendo sucks. :p


But I was really referring to the modern era. Whatever that means.

Is DW here supposed to stand for Dynasty Warriors? Dynasty Warriors doesn’t have boss fights. And it has mid-mission saves, or at least the newer titles do.

Pretty much every flight sim and space sim ever made. Fighting games. Most action games from the 80s. Whether or not it works depends on the game. Is replaying a level a repetitive drag, or an interesting challenge? Do you die because there’s one chokepoint thing that you did wrong (thus forcing you to replay a bunch of stuff you did right), or is it because your skill with the game is not yet sufficient to take you through the level?

A lot of it has to do with the replayability of the game in general. Games that have a “right way” through all the various obstacles (i.e. most action games made these days), and which are more about the experience of plowing through content than challenge, tend to be less entertaining a second time through. In games like fighting games, where the entertainment derives more from the challenge than from the experience of plowing through content, having to replay stages over and over again isn’t really an issue.

I don’t know which applies to 99N, but from what I’ve seen, it seems more like a challenge sort of game.

Sure it does, at least arguably. At the end of most levels, you have to fight a badass general from the other side, which was almost invariably tougher than all the other generals you might face in a mission. I don’t know what is being called a boss fight in 99 nights, so I can’t say how different it is, but you could certainly say DW has boss fights.

However, it also has saves (at least in one of them…3 I think) that you could find in barrels or whatever in the middle of larger levels.

The last DW I played was 4 (and XL) on the PS2 and they did not have saves.

Uh, DW’s always had mid-mission saves in the “musou” and “free” modes, from DW2 on up. Same with Samurai Warriors.

There were various limits that I think began with DW4 based on your difficulty setting (on Novice, you could save as often as you wanted, on Chaos you couldn’t save at all, on in-between settings you had 1, 3 or 5 saves). And I think a few of the non-standard modes like “Challenge” or “Xtreme” refused to let you save in mid-battle.

But in general, you just went in the start menu and saved when you wanted.

Those are not what I consider boss fights, and I think the term is fairly standardized in line with my understanding. If there’s no “trick” to beating them, they’re not boss fights. In any case, these bad boss fights, the trick boss fights, are the kind that are apparently in N3.

EDIT: Maybe I’m wrong. I thought this was fairly standard usage. Anyway, these are the comments (stolen from those fuckers at NeoGAF) that led me to believe there were trick bosses. Maybe I misinterpreted.

It’s a frustrating game. It has some very good moments, and it could have been really good with just some small stuff like checkpoints and not going the KUF way of “Even more”. Like you kill a boss, it’s been long, rather annoying and you only have 10% of your health left, and there comes even more enemies and another boss. And you’re dead. And if you have no patience like me there is no way you will replay the whole 20/30 minutes of the mission just to get another chance to beat that annoying boss (they all are).

Not only that, but the normal enemies are stupidly easy, while the bosses… they’re not so much hard as they are broken and difficult to kill because they just can’t be hit while doing attack animations.

Now if only I had my 360 back from Microsoft…

Yeah… so much has changed… :-p