Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection

The manual is like 10 pages of how to use left to go left (at least the EU version).
It’s a game I never could play at the time, getting pwned over and over, and when I tried again last year I blasted through a little chunk of it no issue, thanks to the From Software training I guess.
There is a lot of unintuitive stuff that you can’t really figure on your own if not told, imo (the thing about the charging and the most useful combos). Ask TimJames.

I was also watching a stream and someone in there put it nicely: “NGB is a game about fighting enemies you don’t see”.


The early part of that pdf does a good job explaining the essence gamble - the charging I mentionned previously.

Edit 2: Oh Tim already linked a tutorial in here, nevermind!

Koei Tecmo ports have been among the worst of Japanese games ported to PC.

Glad you’re enjoying NGB, @Kolbex.

That guide has a walkthrough later with some boss spoilers and stuff.

The movement tutorial you linked is probably best after a few hours with the game. It’s not necessary at the beginning. It’s pretty helpful for a certain boss midgame that tends to destroy new players.

I recommend you continue to play and pick things up as you discover them. The kunai scrolls have some hints. There’s a move list in the menu for each weapon. If you want a basic breakdown of some mechanics, a forum post like this might help: Tutorials? - Ninja Gaiden Black

JayTB123 has some other excellent tutorials, probably best once you’ve completed the game for the first time. He spends 36 minutes talking about the ultimate technique system you discovered, and 31 minutes analyzing every move in the starting weapon, so there’s a lot of depth to consider once you know how to play.

One thing not mentioned that I really like: press X+A at the same time to jump toward the nearest enemy. Perfect to setup Flying Swallow.

This is so far proving hilariously true. Walked into an area, no enemies. Walked down a short dead end to grab an item, and when I came back to the first area the only warning I had that enemies were about to shank me was one of their sword tips poking into the frame from behind me.

I was taught just yesterday a trick against the wizards, that if you keep them off camera you can crowdcontrol them as they won’t shoot at you if you’re not watching them.
It is a good game.

I just got to the boss samurai on the bridge in Hayabusa Village. Does he have a neverending supply of those ninja casters? I hate those guys so much, and I also kinda hate how you get sealed into a room with X number of dudes, but you kill them and more just appear out of thin air (not just something I dislike in this game, btw, it’s also a Devil May Cry thing).

Normal difficulty doesn’t usually have minions in the boss fights like that. Those guys are actually there to help generate blue essence to heal you and charge up your ultimate technique instantly to attack the horse.

If you’re really stuck: if you sit in a corner and turn your camera to the wall, they won’t usually bother you.

Speaking of which, I watched a friend stream the new version two days ago on hard mode, and during that fight, the wizards would drop red orbs like crazy, but hardly ever blue ones. Odds, uh.

Chapters 1 & 2: ok, ninjas, castles, villages, samurai…pretty normal stuff.

Chapter 3: clearly this represents an, ah, alternate continuity.

Actually, if you look at the old Ninja Gaiden games, the early action movie stuff (where you are murdering by the dozens your training partners, tough to be a ninja!) is what is strange.

Now that I think about it the original had some weird shit going on, too, yeah.

The camera in this game is an absolute, hilarious disaster.

I remember pressing the trigger that re-centers the camera behind the character. A LOT.

Yeah it becomes a second nature. It probably wanted to be cinematic, or it was an artefact of older hardware it was probably developed on? It’s funny because it is so much part of the game, I was shocked by the camerz rotation possibilities of the Sigma version.

This is completely insane, prints out to 165 pages and has a (rough, there are some parts that defy traditional counting, I think) word count of over 64,000.

Character action games have always struggled with the camera. Ninja Gaiden’s approach is certainly unusual and unintuitive, but as mentioned, it’s fine once you get used to it. I think the benefit is the control it gives you.

This generation is a weird combination of “I’ll never be able to play this game again because it’s been pulled from all digital stores” and “I’ll be able to play this game forever because it’s being constantly updated for new systems.”

It is great that these games are made available to everyone on current systems but as for me, I’m not seeing a real reason to give up my old BC Xbox games in favor of the updates. As best I can tell, they haven’t really added anything new to the games, they don’t look much better?

You could argue they look worse (it’s bloom and blur everywhere, and colours were there weren’t any, although that might be more of a matter of the trend at the time of release), but a friend of mine who is a die hard fan of the games says that Sigma controls a bit worse, feature extra content nobody asked for, and some of the stuff was redone for the worse. He also says going into details is boring.
I just trust his word, given how much he loves the game, and stick to the older ones (which are cheap as hell to buy, too).

They removed Ayane’s voiceovers on tips in the newer port-of-the-port-of-the-port that just released on all platforms, and changed her model to be a butt on legs with weird stares.That and the excess of bloom and blur was enough to convince me to hunt for a controller for my old xbox instead of impulse-buying.