Ninja New York Restaurant

Any New Yorkers been to this place? Being served by ninjas in a ninja castle sounds totally awesome to me.

If it’s anything like the one in Tokyo, only go if someone else is paying. Mediocre food, plus some entertainment value, but not worth the high price (again, unless some other person or company is paying).

Then again, it’s entirely possible that NY got its act together better than the Tokyo one.

Perhaps you missed the part where you were served by ninjas. In a ninja castle. Because really, I’d pay almost any sum of money for that, even if they ended up serving me bags of Doritos and Kool-Aid.

“Hey guys! Welcome to Ninja! My names Chad and I’ll be your waiter tonight! Can I start you off with some sushi nachos and garlic rice?”

No tip? YOU NO GOT HEAD! slice

"Shhh, dear customers. Do not speak too loudly, for enemy ninja are near! Today we have the specials of ninja steak with ninja cut potatoes, ninja noodles with ninja sauce, and the ronin sushi platter.

Can I fetch some drinks for you while you look over the menu? Please decide quickly, for I cannot guarantee the safety of this table for much longer."

  1. Ninja’s don’t live in castles - they live in the shadows!

  2. They’d better damn well have Ninja Burgers there!

I think it would be awesome if they had a Ninja Hedge out front.

i remember a comic that involved ninja waiters, with the joke being you never actually saw them, your food just myseriously arrived.

The beginning part where they seat you by taking you to a secret ninja village (I guess they changed it to a castle) is pretty fun, but when they serve you what amounts to a piece of chicken served in a martini glass full of spit, and your ninja does a card trick that fits better in a kid’s birthday party, not even the ninja-ness elevated it beyond “mediocre.”

Again, it’s somewhat worth it if your money isn’t involved, just to say you been to it. And again, judging by the menu already, NY has a much better tasting menu than whatever they had in the Tokyo one in 2005.

I know you’re all hoping that the ninja waiters there are going to speak in whispers and such, but honestly, you’re going to run into two waiters there: either the dude from Chotchkie’s in Office Space or the Scrubs dude at the beginning of Garden State.

“We don’t have bread.”

Well, I’m gonna assume that the food is passable at best and overpriced for what you get. But the girlfriend thinks that it’s “way cool” for her son and his girlfriend… so.

I’ll let you know what it was like by resurrecting this thread in a week or two.

I’m thinking that I will end up spending the same as I would for dinner for 4 at Lupa in NYC. And enjoying it a bit less.


Your wallet? Empty like ninja heart!

They should take a page out of the Dairy Queen-Orange Julius playbook, and consider a Medieval Times tieup for select locations. Wider menu of bad food, and the evening’s entertainment would settle an age old debate.

Jaysun: Is that from The Tick or Paul the Samurai?

The Tick, although I believe Paul the Samurai shows up in that issue somewhere…

So, it’s like Medieval Times, but with ninjas?

“We give them like ten whippings”

Seems like they have a “special” dinner and music package for only $90.00 per person. A string quartet. Yeah, them ninjas were big on string quartets.

I’ll pass.

“There is no standard for hiring.” -Boss Ninja

Boy I’m looking forward to this.

The New York Times was not a fan. Somehow I immediately remembered this review that I read years ago upon reading the initial post. Good luck.