Nintendo 2DS on sale for $99

In-store only.

Oooo, tempted. My (well, OK, my son’s, strictly speaking) DS is getting pretty broken down…the hinges are kind of loose and it flops around while you play.

How many 3DS games are there worth owning at this point?

Is the 2DS GBA backwards compatible? I know nothing about handheld gaming.

As I understand it, it plays both the DS and 3DS games. But the 3DS games aren’t in 3D, which is fine with me.

Compatibility chart:

Sorry, I was asking about game boy advance games. A quick google search tells me no, but that many GBA games are available on nintendo’s digital store. Tempting. May have to cruise by my local target.

Neither the 3ds nor the 2ds have a GBA cartridge slot. (IIRC, neither did the DSi)

The only way to get gba games on the 3ds is if you were an early adopter and got them as part of the ambassador program. You can’t buy them on the eshop.

Jeez. It’s right there on the chart I linked to.


Looks like the $99 price (staring 8/30) is going to be the new MSRP.


What in the world was I talking about?

What’s kinda funny is I remember reading your post months ago and thinking the same thing. Maybe wrong thread?

Maybe. The only possible justification I can imagine was some kind of attempt at cross-posting a running gag from some other thread. But that’s a stretch, wrong thread is as good a guess as any.

Okay, so a year ago I must have thought it was funny that people in the Godzilla thread kept suggesting the winged creature from the trailer was Rodan after repeatedly being told Rodan was not in the movie:

And then I guess I thought it was funny in the same way that people kept question/repeating the same info about compatibility in this thread. So there we go. That was dumb.

LOL well, mystery solved! :)