Nintendo 3DS accessories and games recommendations

What are the must-have accessories and games for the 3DS? I browsed a few of the case/stylus/etc. kits on Amazon and they all looked pretty crappy, so I’m turning to you, Qt3, to tell me what to buy.

As for games, are there any backwards compatability issues I should be aware of for DS games?

I believe that the 3ds is region locked for DSi enhanced DS games, so that might be a “backwards compability issue”.

I just bought a basic Hori case. It works well.

I own 3 games for the system and would recommend them all, sorta.

Zelda: OoT 3DS - It’s OoT. A great game and a great port.
SSF4 3DS - a really good version of SSF4. Controls take some getting used to, but the entire game is in there. It’s actually really impressive. All the characters, moves, combos (that I can see), modes, etc. Don’t bother if you’re not a fan.
Ghost Recon Shadow Wars - a really deep, involving, and enjoyable turn-based strategy game. It looks a bit rough (I think it was originally meant for the DS), but there’s a ton here.

I’d also recommend Zelda and Street Fighter. And, if you’re into football/soccer, Pro Evo. The features are pretty basic by modern console standards, more like PS 2 era but, hey, it’s Pro Evo on your handheld.

The problem right now is that there is really nothing that’s essential.

I purchased this starter kit, mostly for the carrying case, game cases and the car adapter, but have gotten quite a bit of use out of the larger pen-type stylus as well. The headphones aren’t very good, as you might imagine, and I decided not to use the screen protectors. All in all I think it was worth the relatively meager asking price.

Game wise, I can also endorse Zelda: OOT and Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. I also have Ridge Racer 3D, which is a decent racer, if a very arcadey one. Not spectacular, but for $20 not bad if you dig that kind of thing.

Hey, I just bought a 3DS too! I only bought Zelda so far because I think that’s the only game available so far. But I will be grabbing Starfox pretty soon, and whatever new Layton games will be coming out.

How would you like a second analog disc?

Yes, the rumored add-on is in fact real and was revealed in Famitsu along side a 3DS version of Monster Hunter Tri. It’s enormous, ugly and adds 2 extra shoulder buttons as well as the right analog control.

Presumably Nintendo is laying the ground work for when they redesign the 3DS to include a second analog control so developers can take advantage without early adopters being orphaned.

Of course, instead of selling this monstrosity they should probably just own up to their failures and offer to exchange original 3DS systems for the new model when it comes out.

Wait, this is an official Nintendo add-on? Have they completely lost it?

Yes to both questions.

That has to be the unsexiest piece of hardware since the Jaguar gamepad.


My understanding is that no, it’s a Capcom accessory, for Monster Hunter.

But yeah, it’s fucking dumb.

No, Nintendo has admitted it’s theirs. I think they’re just trying to use Monster Hunter to soften the blow…

If only another handheld console was released before the 3DS that only had a analog stick and deeply regret this decision for years.

Sony has learned the lesson and they thrown everything they can into Vita, they have other problems but flexible control system for multiple types of games is not of of them.

I’m waiting for the Street Fighter attachment with big arcade stick controller and 30 buttons.

Star Fox 3D came out today, I think. If I had money, I’d be buying that.

Comes out Friday, and I’d like to get it(and my 3DS could use some support), but at $40 it’s an insane premium for a slightly enhanced port of a 1997 game.

Wish that thing had a battery in it.

Ahh, pardon me, I’m used to games coming out on Tuesdays. I stand corrected, and I agree on your other point as well. As soon as I see it for $30 or less, it’s mine though.