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The most recent Fire Emblem games have a difficulty without permadeath.


There’s a Fire Emblem demo in the store too if you are on the fence.


Some of them are like that above easy mode with permadeath. I had to restart Fates on the 6th stage. Didn’t have enough people left alive to win it without everybody else dying.


Did you ever play one?


Wow. How did you not know that Intelligent Systems was behind Fire Emblem? They make the Paper Mario games too, you know… lots of other cool things too.


Haha, I’ve just never looked at the developer of a series I’ve never played! I’ve only played Advance Wars: Dual Strike and Dark Conflict/Days of Ruin, Puzzle League and Warioware: Smooth Moves by them. They’re not exactly a household name to me I’m afraid!


Well, now they will be. Dude, Fire Emblem is where it’s at. I’d love a new Wars game (and I wouldn’t be surprised if they made one again soon), but Fire Emblem brings it. The music is some of the best Nintendo has ever produced.


I still like the Advance Wars games better than Fire Emblem. Give me the strategical goodness without the overwrought drama and anime children please.


Excellent! :-) What are the series’ highlights, as well as your own personal favourites Dave?


Pretty sure there were anime children and (goofy) drama in Advance Wars too.


Yes, but no goofy romances and high drama cutscenes. More of your “What? Who is this before me?” “It is I, big freakin’ tank! Prepare to meet your doom!”


Games or music? Awakenings is probably the best of the modern games although there will probably be some quarrel from people on that. 3DS. Definitely worth your time. That said, the split Fates/Retribution games are excellent too. I haven’t had time to play Shadows of Valentia yet.

I still think the original GBA release is the best way to start the series. It will make you a fan. That’s just called “Fire Emblem”.

The best console game is the Wii one: Radiant Dawn, but that’s very close. It’s also hard as nails. Expect the Switch game to be a huge part of Nintendo’s lineup next year.

As for music, just put this on…



I own Awakenings, that’s the only Fire Emblem game I’ve ever played. And I like it, but really only for the battles. I skip over all the other stuff. Don’t think I’ve ever really paid attention to the music, but that’s true of most games for me.


The two console FEs are pretty similar, but I give the nod to Path of Radiance. It’s GameCube only, but it’s got way less AI movement going on than Radiant Dawn (the Other Phase has, like, 16 units in the later missions). Plus, the story in RD is a direct sequel to PoR, and PoR save data can be imported into RD. And it’s got way more Soren. :)


Yeah, I think those two are pretty close. Both are expensive to own, though I think the Wii version is available on Wii U in the eShop? I mean, at the end of the day, is there really a bad Fire Emblem game? I’m not sure there is.


To be fair, I think they stopped making Advance Wars games before those things became (unfortunately) standard in Fire Emblem. I’m sure a new Advance Wars game would have creepy romances in it, and it always had a silly, overwrought story. Not as bad as Fire Emblem gets, but I remember cringing a lot during the dialogue.

I bounced off the Wii Fire Emblem, but Path of Radiance on the GamceCube was my favorite of the series. I might be leaning toward Awakening now though, despite the creepy romances.


I came here thinking I was a strategic game purist, I come out knowing I was really a filthy casual longing for an easy mode!
I am glad to learn they took these steps, though: the SFC versions were masochistic purges (two of which I cleared, despite what a couple of indelicate fellows around here were implying).