Nintendo 3DS accessories and games recommendations


I think it’s time to test Costco’s 90 day return policy for electronics. Christ.


One of the Giant Bomb guys makes a Giant Ass of himself over this.

As for the peripheral, I’ve experienced “the Claw” and anything to prevent it is worthwhile by my estimation.


Ironically, “the claw” is physically impossible on the 3DS due to the placement of the left analog disc above the d-pad.

Also, the tantrums and self delusion over at NeoGAF right now is pretty delicious to watch.


That accessory is real?

Edit: Yup. I guess it is. Wow.


Not sure if there’s a better thread to bump, but I’m probably gonna grab a New 3DS and Majora’s Mask tomorrow. Any other must-have 3DS games I should consider? Ideally I’d like something good for short bursts of gaming, probably not something as engrossing as Monster Hunter 4.


Not sure if there’s a better thread to bump, but I’m probably gonna grab a New 3DS and Majora’s Mask tomorrow. Any other must-have 3DS games I should consider?

Phoenix Wright x 2
Super Mario 3D Land
Mario Kart
Luigi’s Mansion 2
Bravely Default (may fail your criterion, but it’s surprisingly short-burst friendly for a JRPG)
Fire Emblem Awakening if that’s your bag


If you’re interested in tactics stuff, Julian Gollop’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is on sale for $7.49 on the eShop right now.

I’m a huge fan of Kid Icarus: Uprising, but whether or not I can recommend it largely depends on whether or not you’re willing to deal with its largely reviled control scheme.


Heaps of great games on 3DS. Here are some other good ones not yet mentioned:

[li]Pokemon Omega Ruby/Sapphire
[/li][li]Shin Megami Tensei 4
[/li][li]Persona Q
[/li][li]Rune Factory 4


Since you’re picking up Majora’s Mask, A Link Between Worlds seems like a no-brainer, as well as Ocarina of Time 3D.

The Picross e-series on eShop is great if you’re a logic puzzle fan. Mario Golf is good if that’s your thing… the rest of what I’d suggest was already covered.


Oooh, forgot about Picross. Good call. I loved whatever the last version of that was that I played long ago. I think the last thing I need is two Zelda games at once though. A Link Between Worlds might be fun down the line.


I wholeheartedly recommend Rune Factory 4, which I put way too many hours into and still haven’t finished. Shin Megami Tensei IV is good, but it had some annoying balance issues, partially tied to how broken StreetPass was; if you don’t have access to other people with the game, that bit won’t be a problem, at least.


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is pretty good in short bursts if you enjoy Final Fantasy music and rhythm games.

Also loved Virtue’s Last Reward, though you should play 999 first if possible.


Totally agree, I’ve really enjoyed both of these. If you’re willing to watch the E-shop you can get some great deals on downloadable games. I’ve really liked Steamworld Dig and have Streetfighter 4 downloaded for the occasional shoyuken! Steamworld was under $5 and SF4 was $10 I think. Another little gem I’ve really enjoyed was Weapon Shop De Omasse. It’s a light rhythm game where you are the village weapon smith servicing the local adventurers arms needs. This was under $5 on sale also.


Fire Emblem Awawkening
Super Mario 3D Land (can’t emphasize enough how amazing this is… loved every second of it)
Bravely Default (if you like JRPG)
Smash Bros. for 3DS

…and a bunch of stuff on the eShop. Shovel Knight if you haven’t played it elsewhere for example. I also really enjoyed Crimson Shroud. You roll dice!!


I couldn’t get into Crimson Shroud for some reason. I should give it another try.

I highly recommend Steamworld Dig if you like SNES-era platformers, and of course Shovel Knight. Cave Story too, if you haven’t played it already. Really, there are a ton of great eShop games for the 3DS (Pushmo, Gunman Clive…okay, I need to stop!), so just browse around for some lists online. It’s great for your old-school gaming itch.

And again, Super Mario 3D World. It’s surprisingly great for playing in small bursts. I keep coming back to it over and over.


SM3DW is also a lot longer than it seems at first brush. I loved that about it.


Grabbed the New 3DS XL at lunch. Had to go to two stores, Target was sold out, Best Buy’s supply was dwindling (and then I had to go back to Target because Best Buy was sold out of power adapters, thanks Nintendo). I’m surprised it’s selling out, I didn’t realize demand would be that high for them. Glad I didn’t wait till after work.


I picked up my preorder immediately after work. Right now I’m sitting on hold with Nintendo, waiting for a representative so I can get my account transfer taken care of (since my old 3DS is broken). I’ve been waiting for just under an hour so far!


Got mine as well, along with Majora’s Mask and Monster Hunter 4u.

I am kinda pissed they went back to the glossy front and back of the old DS XL. The metal plates on the old 3ds XL felt a lot better in my hands.

Still trying to do a system update, its failed 3 times. Then I need to transfer everything from my old 3ds. Hopefully switching my SD card over to a microSD+adapter last week means I just have to transfer the licenses over and pop the micro SD in. If it not it is going to take forever, I have 18gigs on my old 3ds.


Got the system update done.

And the answer is yes, if you are already using a microSD card with an adapter in your old 3ds, you can just swap the card over when the license transfer process is done.

Otherwise your best bet is to do the PC transfer option, which uses the transfer process to copy your licenses over, then you can just copy from the old SD card to the new one using your PC.