Nintendo 3DS accessories and games recommendations


Yeah, it was a launch title though so it was a long time ago! A solid game, if you like Julian Gollop’s other games you’ll appreciate it.


It’s a Julian Gallop game?!?! buys


Yep! After Shadow Wars he worked on Vita game Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation for a while, before leaving Ubi to get back to the stuff he loves - i.e. Chaos Reborn.


Sha-weeeet! Really excited about this now.


[B]Fire Emblem[/B] is definitely a top pick for me. Probably my most played 3DS game.

I never really thought much of Bravely Default. It gets plenty of praise, but I found it incredibly grindy. All regular fights played the same to me, and only the larger boss fights were where the mechanics of the Brave/Default system worked a little better. Maybe I just ended up in a bit of a rut with that game.


Fire Emblem Awakening might be the highest rated game I’ve read about so far. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has also come highly recommended and reviewed. So much choice.


3DS is a cornucopia of great gaming. :)

Make sure to check the eShop as well, since sometimes they have reasonable deals. For example, Shin Megami Tensei IV is always really cheap over here - at the moment it’s half price! ($13)


Ohhhhhh, that game also looks nifty. add to list thank you!


Alrighty, so I’ve found used copies of Ghost Recon and Shiren the Wanderer, and am now eyeing one more game, either Fire Emblem or Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I’ve only played a FE game way back when on the GBA, and have never played a MH game. Help me choose my friends!

Infinite Space also looks nifty, but my reading shows that it gets really boring/grindy later on, which doesn’t sound as fun.

Thanks for all the help so far folks!


I haven’t finished Infinite Space, but I really loved what I played of it and knowing your interests pretty well, I think you’d adore it.

That said, you should get one of Fire Emblem or Monster Hunter first. Do you want action or strategy? Pick the thing you type of game you want and the decision is made. Both are amazing.

Also, do not sleep on Nintendo’s best on the system. Super Mario 3D Land is one of the best uses of 3D and maybe the best portable Mario ever.


I’m torn because I’m already getting a tactical game with GR, and an RPG with Shiren. Is Monster Hunter more an action game?


Yes. Get Monster Hunter. It’s action packed but has all that equipment fiddling type stuff you probably enjoy. :)


That’s no kind of choice. You’re going to need both… :)

They are very different games of course, but both excellent. Ultimately I had more fun with MH4, but it takes time to get into. Some people don’t like it at all. It’s an amazing ambitious thing that should never fit on a handheld - it belongs on a modern PC/console.


I eventually will likely get both, I just have room for one more game in my budget. :)


I’d go with Monster Hunter. I really enjoyed Fire Emblem, but if Monster Hunter gets its hooks into you you’ll get a ton of hours out of it. I don’t know if you have the New 3DS, but if you have the regular the circle pad pro is a great accessory for Monster Hunter.


I love monster hunter. But, it is one of those games that you either bounce off or become completely addicted to and just end up playing monster hunter all the time always. It is incredibly long, incredibly hard, and incredibly deep.

Given that you change games more often than most of us change our underwear, I wouldn’t recommend picking it. :) Unless what you really enjoy in games is the learning process, then by all means please buy it. It doesn’t have a Chick Parabola so much as a Chick Mountain.


I’m okay with longer games on portables as long as they lend themselves to short bursts of playtime. I have maybe 15-20 hours oh Z.H.P. on the Vita, for example.


Monster Hunter is the time eater of all time eaters. It tends to require chunks of time of 40 minutes unless you are farming (which you will do). It takes a wee bit to get into, but once you do, ho boy is it a rewarding rabbit hole of awesome. I really wish I could experience Monster Hunter for the first time again. And I highly recommend getting a group that uses voice chat. Soooo good. So good!


The DS has a sleep mode though, right? I can usually play a game for 10-30 increments on a portable.


Oh that’s right. Suspend on the DS would help. I played it mostly on Wii and WiiU. That said a good chunk of the game is a multiplayer affair. You will have lots of solo quests that are like a really long tutorial*, but the meat of it comes from the 4 person hunts.

  • Note, I have not played MH4, just the others ones. However I have no reason to doubt that the format has changed.