Nintendo 3DS accessories and games recommendations


Yeah, Fire Emblem is certainly a ‘safer’ choice. :)


I’d like to give a shout out to “Fantasy Life” which is my favorite game on the 3DS so far.
It’s a really fun and relaxing rpg-lite with cute cartoony graphics. I put in about 45 hours before I got bored.


What was your favourite Life? Did you play them all?


I played them all but my favorite by far was the wizard as I think he has the best abilities.
Being able to heal is really useful.


For you Brian, I’d say go with Fire Emblem. I have just over 90 hours into Monster Hunter 4U and I still haven’t finished the single player campaign, and am only in the second difficulty bracket (High Rank). Plus I still haven’t even touched multiplayer. MH is less a game choice and more of a lifestyle choice. But if you do go with MH, let me know, we can tackle some multiplayer if you like!


So you guuuuuuuuys, how come no one toooooold me that there was a Civilization game for the DS, AND that it’s apparently excellent AND it’s really cheap? ;)



Infinite Space is huge and weird, and will probably wear out its welcome before it ends, but it’s pretty good for a while.
The DS Civ is, IIRC, Civilization Revolution, which is basically equivalent to a slightly stripped down Civ 2.

There are like 10 Etrian Odyssey games at this point, the most recent ones (Etrian Odyssey Untold) are remakes of the first couple. They’re all similar enough (and I never beat any of them) that you should probably just read contemporary reviews.

It sounds like you’re hitting the original DS library, too? There’s all sorts of great stuff then.

  • I’m going to blanket recommend The World Ends With You, even though it doesn’t really match your criteria.
  • If you’ve never played an Advance Wars, try one out.
  • You might also like Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, which is the FF Tactics take on the SMT universe. It should be noted though that there was a remake on the 3DS (Devil Survivor Overclocked) that adds a little extra content, so maybe try that instead.
  • You also might like Bangai-Oh spirits, which isn’t as good as the Dreamcast Bangai-Oh, but is still pretty good.


So you guuuuuuuuys, how come no one toooooold me that there was a Civilization game for the DS, AND that it’s apparently excellent AND it’s really cheap? ;)

It’s good for a handheld, but it gets old rather quick, especially once you’ve done all the scenarios. The AI is extremely predictable and most campaigns play out the same way. The tech tree is also quite a lot smaller than the full game.

Also, you can get it on your phone.



And yeah, I’m dipping into whatever is available on the system that I’ll like to play, DS or 3DS.


You already went for Shiren the Wanderer, but I’ll also recommend Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.

I replayed The World Ends With You last fall. It’s still one of my top five DS games, and I’ll back up CLWheeljack’s recommendation as such.

If you can find a copy for a reasonable price, Retro Game Challenge is quite good. It’s a collection of full-sized faux-NES games, including a JRPG, a Star Soldier-style shoot-'em-up, and a Ninja Gaiden-like, wrapped up in a series of challenges posed by a terrifying digital representation of Shinya Arino, Japanese comedian and host of Game Center CX, the TV show the game is actually based on.


Those looks great, thank you!

Oh, also a question of cases. I want a case that let’s me access the 3DS at a moment’s notice, anyone have any good ideas on that?


I never bothered with a case for any of my DS’s They’re durable enough as is, and there’s no outward facing screen to scratch.


Ah, so if I keep it in my satchel with my Vita it should be fine, yay! Thanks!


Because you’ve got a PC, where the real Civ games live!


Hah, well sure, but this looks pretty great for a portable. I love the idea of a portable 4X.


There was also an enhanced version of the second game released last month, Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker. But as per usual, not in Europe until later in the year. :(


That Civ is okay but nothing special. However, what I am going to tell you is that they made Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology games for DS, except instead of being RTSes (and ones I personally didn’t like), they’re great turn-based strategy games sort of like Advance Wars.




OMG these games are relatively cheap too, a lot of them anyway. This miiiiiihiiiiiiiight be a problem…


And my list now has 22 games on it, that should keep me going for a while beyond those I’ve already purchased. Wow, what a library. That’s me though, always late to the party on consoles. ;)