Nintendo 3DS accessories and games recommendations


Reggie made a non-committal comment to Kotaku that has been trumpeted across the web:

Far from an official announcement, but plenty for clickbait. Though, honestly, I was on the verge of buying an XL, but now I’m going to wait and see since I prefer the smaller form factor and I’ve still got plenty of DS games to catch up on.

If there’s anything to this, I can’t imagine they’d do anything before the holidays.


Okay, this thing is pretty awesome, and after the demo for Fire Emblem, I’m sold. Might buy it today, actually. That said, why is it so convoluted to remove demos from the system? Ugh. #firstworldproblems


Thanks for the reminder on this, bought it yesterday after reading over this thread again.


So today I played over an hour of Fire Emblem (because of course I had to buy it after playing the demo) and around a half an hour of Ghost Recon. What excellent games.


The new 3DS Fire Emblem game (Fates) released in Japan last week. We have to wait until next year.


That gives me time to finish Awakening. ;)


Sure! It’s amazing. Be sure to play through all the worlds for a great surprise. I put many hours into 3D Land. The level length is perfect, controls are tight and the 3D adds so much depth perception. Talking about it again made me plug it back into the 3DS.

For more traditional platforming, I also highly recommend Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. Not as 3D awesome as SM3DL, but an incredible platforming game nonetheless. The only reason not to get it would be if you played the Wii version.


My girlfriend’s sister’s husband showed me a trailer for Elite Beat Agents. I purchased it shortly thereafter.


Elite Beat Agents is pretty cool, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is another good rhythm game, assuming you enjoy Final Fantasy music.


Is the 3DS region locked for DS games? If so, ignore this post.

If not, and if you like Elite Beat Agents, I can’t recommend its progenitor highly enough. Osu! Tatake! Ouendan! is one of the most insane and most brilliant games I’ve ever played. It’s pretty much the same gameplay as EBA, but something was lost in translation between the two. The J-Pop and Japanese sensibilities make it much more memorable to me. Best of all, the cheerleaders in OTO play it completely straightfaced, which is hilarious compared to the smirking, Westernized agents.

The game is completely in Japanese, but the stories are basic enough that you get the gist from the pictures. You really should import it if you get the chance. I just found out about and ordered its sequel yesterday.


For the most part, regular DS games play fine on 3DSes, regardless of region. (Umihara Kawase Shun SE Kanzenban lives in my 3DS from time to time.) Some late-life DS titles have additional functionality if played on a DSi or 3DS, and those games are region-locked if not played on a regular DS, but I don’t think any of them are things where you can’t just get a US copy (the biggest examples I can think of are the fifth-gen Pokémon games and Solatorobo).


I’d really like to try out the Ni No Kuni game on the DS. Did an English translation never come out? Might be a good game to practice my Japanese.


No English release for that one.

Note that the DS version includes an enormous physical spellbook that has to be consulted constantly as part of the game.


Soooooooooooooo is there a way to buy a 3DS game from the eShop without owning a 3DS? There’s a couple of nice sales right now that I’d love to take advantage of before my eventual 3DS purchase.


Sales on what?


Unfortunately not. Though if I’m wrong I’d love to know about it! I wish it worked like the PSN store, where you can buy online and then have the game download to the device automatically.


Specifically, Persona Q and the digital-only Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies for around 50% off. There’s a few other things, too.

But I guess it’s not to be. :(


Great game too!


So I’m taking Shiren the Wanderer back to the store for store credit. It’s not that great, especially compared to Etrian, which I just got an is clicking with me FAR better. So as of right now I’ve gotten:

Fire Emblem: Awakening - Amazingly amazing.
Civilizations: Revolution - LOVE it.
Age of Wonders: Age of Kings - Excellent stuff.
Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars - Really fun tactical goodness.
Shiren the Wanderer - Going back to the store.
Etrian: Mystery Dungeons - Really fun so far!
Elite Beat Agents - Just received, haven’t played yet.
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin - Just received, haven’t played yet.
Panzer Tactics - On the way.
Ghost Trick - On the way.

I’d say I’ve made an excellent initial run of games, thanks to the recommendations here and elsewhere (thank you!). I really am loving this system a LOT.


I can’t find my copy of Elite Beat Agents anywhere. I’ve got the box, but not the cart. So frustrating. Worst thing is, I suspect Oendan 1 and 2 are in the same place.