Nintendo 3DS accessories and games recommendations


Guys, I think I’m a little bit in love with Elite Beat Agents. It’s just so…infectious.


Yeah, it is pretty spectacular. So much so that I had to buy the sequel. Which is all in japanese.

And also buy the original game in japanese.


I will likely do that eventually as well. I’ve already purchased like 10 games in two weeks. I need to slow down but there’s SO MUCH GOODNESS.


Do you already have the Rhythm Heaven/Rhythm Tengoku games? I can’t remember which ones are Japan-only (maybe only the GBA one), but definitely worth picking up as well.


I do not, I’m completely new to this system.

On another note, that Star Trek game came today, and after one mission, it’s pretty much how I imagined an arcadey Starfleet Command would be, so far at least. Next is Panzer Tactics!


I imagine you’ll like Rhythm Heaven better or worse than Elite Beat Agents. Me, I like it a little better, if just for the variety. Watch five seconds of a gameplay video and you should figure out whether you’ll enjoy it or not.


Rhythm Heaven is so effing good.




YAY! My patience paid off as I finally found an affordable copy of Infinite Space on eBay! It’s amaaaaaaaazing how much they were going for on eBay, like close to $200. That’ll be it for a while, has to be. But yay, another portable space game!!!


That’s cool, Infinite Space is one of those games I wished I could have tried but seemed like it went from release to unfindable in absolutely no time. I’d be curious to read your impressions. Or hell, anybody’s. Trying to figure out if it’s worth tracking down, basically.


I don’t think it’s actually that expensive (Amazon has some listings for $40 or so), but I think it’s one of those games where there’s a small enough supply that some people can get away with charging a huge premium over the actual market price.

It’s been so long, it’s mostly just fragments. I could try to pop it back into my DS for a little while to refresh myself, but:

It’s pretty good. You buy ships, fly around, get into space battles. The battles are pretty naval-battle-y. There’s a little bit of positioning (i.e. range), but other that that it’s pretty standard command / cooldown gameplay. There’s Rock-Paper-Scissors type commands, which eventually expands to I think 6 options, each of which is an effective counter for another one.

There’s ship-component tetris (different rooms do different things and different ships have different shapes, and you have to figure out what build you want). And there’s a huge number of ship components and weapons and stuff. Kind of like fusing in a Shin Megami Tensei game, you could spend hours just staring at the ship layouts to try to optimize your fleet, but it’s mostly not necessary. You also get crew members who have different abilities, and having them on your crew affects your ship’s status. If I had to make a comparison, I 'd say the closest I’ve played was maybe Skies of Arcadia?

There’s some open-ish galaxy stuff where you can just pop around to different planets, I think, although I don’t remember what the limitations were (fuel? time? not sure). When you get to various places you sometimes get little FTL / Visual Novel events with decision points that can affect your playthrough. There are a some important plot-branching choices you can make that affect the plot of the game or the ship blueprints or crew members you can get, and a lot that don’t make much difference at all. The important decisions are sometimes telegraphed, but sometimes not, so in my opinion, it’s best to just role-play it and not look at faqs or anything like that. Due to branching, it’s impossible to get everything in one playthrough, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

The story is pretty good. It’s pretty depressing overall, though. Galactic war, lots of people die, civilizations destroyed, etc. It is an anime space opera too, so there’s some weird nonsense stuff in there as well.

It’s also classic JRPG long (50+ hours). It does the Okami thing where you get to the point where you think the game is probably about over but then instead of ending, it opens up and there’s this whole other game that’s like 50% larger than you’ve already played. I don’t think I ever finished it (reading the end of the wikipedia plot synopsis didn’t really ring any bells). There’s a new game+ mode, if you get really obsessive.

A bit of trivia, the developer was NudeMaker, and besides Infinite Space, they made mostly pornographic games. There is a little bit of grossness in a couple of places in Infinite Space, but nothing really significant, given that pedigree.


So after someone made the lofty claim that Tetris DS is the finest version of the game ever, I had to try it. My all-time favorite version has been Tetris DX for the Gameboy Color, so I was intrigued to see if this DS version could hold a candle to it.

Holy shit.

It might indeed be the best version of Tetris I’ve ever played. It just feels so right, and the varied modes are a blast.


It’s no Tetris The Absolute: The Grand Master 2 Plus, but Tetris DS is a very solid iteration.


What the hell is THAT?


Here’s the Tetris block from this years Summer Games Done Quick with some of the best players in the world playing it.


The kids and I are getting 2DS/new 3DSXLs for xmas, so I’ve been re-reading this thread. New question: where do you look for deals/bargains on 3DS games?


This has worked well for me -


Thanks Brian. Speaking of which, Fry’s has $20 eShop cards for $16 today only (with the e-mail promo code. You are getting the e-mail promo code right?) In-store only, though.


So… looking at the new releases in the 3ds shop, it seems like there are some really japanese-y sim games available. I haven’t tried the demo for the 3d kyoto train line fall colors simulator, but I think that is really weird.


I’m still really enjoying my slightly used New 3DS that I picked up over the summer. So far I’ve finished Super Mario Land 3D and Zelda: ALink Between Worlds (and I NEVER finish games). I’m working on Fantasy Life right now. I’ve got about 5 hours in as a Paladin (level 7) but I’m not sure if I should be continuing with that or choosing choosing another life. I’ve got Majora’s Mask and Fire Emblem on the backlog along with Monster Hunter 4. I’m still vexed at missing out on the $10 Etrian Odyssey 4 sale but I’ve got lots of games to play still. The thing that I love the most surprisingly is Streetpass. It’s one of those things that Nintendo has really done right. I find myself taking my 3DS out with me even when I have no intention of playing it just so I can collect unsuspecting people’s streetpasses.
I’ve got one of the Japanese train simulator demos but I’m just waiting for a little free time as the demo only has five uses (seriously, what the hell is up with that, Nintendo?)
I’m a little sad that it feels like I’m getting into it after the Golden Age of the dedicated portable handheld is on the ebb. This seems to be the main 3DS thread and there aren’t many current threads about individual games. I really don’t want to have to go hang out in the Game FAQs 3DS forums.