Nintendo cancels Space World

I guess they are happy being a comfortable second to Sony, and ruling in handhelds with the GBA.

Just hope Miyamoto doesn’t decide to retire anytime soon.

Under these circumstances, if you are privately held, you are a tremendous success, and if you are publicly traded, your stock will take a large hit. Double standard, but one to which the markets are holding.

Also, if you believe those numbers from Informa Media Group that came out yesterday, sales in the handheld market are slipping. I don’t know if Nintendo’s new aversion to hardware development applies to handhelds as well as consoles. There may be yet be a fair number of absolute dollars in handhelds, but the market tends to favor growth over decline no matter what the totals.

You know, I’m not sure where Nintendo is heading with Yamaguchi stepping down. That guy was a hardass. But, yeah, Nintendo will always be comfortable even if they keep producing hardware. But you have to wonder what kind of numbers a Mario or Zelda game would do on a platform with a 70-100 million installed base. They could get incredibly favorable royalty terms for an exclusive agreement with Sony. Hell, if the prospect of collecting royalties for a game that sells 8 million copies wasn’t so tempting, I’d tell Nintendo they could produce games royalty free based soley on the competetive advantage they would bring to the table.

Brad Grenz
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You’re forgetting the key difference between Nintendo and Sony/Microsoft. Nintendo doesn’t want to rule the world of entertainment, they simply want to make the best games. The platform is all about the games. The games are all about the platform. They’re always talking about the best way to maximize their own hardware or simply to create a better game. Yamauchi was behind this as well. He tried early on to make possible other things like finance, etc. via services tied to Nintendo consoles in Japan, but way back then (NES days), they realized that the two didn’t tie together very well.

So they reversed course and focused on games and games alone and that’s probably what they’ll continue to do for the forseeable future. While the others crave a box that can be their pipeline to your home, Nintendo only sees what online can do for gaming. Whether you agree with that or not, it’s probably going to mean Nintendo is still here and making consoles 10 or even 20 years down the road. They primarily saw the device as a toy and they probably still do. As long as the content continues to trump the entire industry (just look at Eternal Darkness… from a 2nd party developer with some good but maybe not great games released before this), they’re going to be a player and possibly a winner. They also make money in every generation. If they continue to have people like Capcom, Namco and Sega making games for them, they’ll never go away.


He is what’s making the company right now, there is no doubt about it. He oversee’s all of the in house development. If anything were to happen to him it would be interesting to see what would happen to the company.