Nintendo Commercial: Aisle 3

Did anyone else notice at the end that aisle 3 is way to big to be an aisle? It looks like a big display area. That kind of breaks the “jives with everyday experience” thing Spoofy was talking about and ruins it for me. That and the rest of the crappy commercial.

To Michael!

Apparently not :P

As a happily married man who had the guts to talk to women and ask them out and who got rejected a few times and then hit the jackpot, there’s no self loathing or insecurity anywhere to be found.

Forgive me, however, if I assumed that maybe nerdy guys (like myself) were at least a little more likely to get this treatment from women than our more suave counterparts.

If that’s inaccurate then I guess I feel better about the times women mentioned boyfriends to me as quickly as possible :D

This is a turd of an ad. It doesn’t advertise anything til the end, and when it does, it apparently (to some?) paints the “game” part of the device in a bad light by the “nerd” getting foiled. It also mocks Nintendo’s main retail suppliers (big box). It’s also full of stereotypes and is sorta racist in one part (the employee holds out his fist to the black guy – who’s dressed in a suit, mind you – like some kind of gangster).


This is a turd of a short. There’s the stereotypes and odd moment of racism. More importantly it just isn’t funny. The camerawork and audio suck. It’s a “real world situation,” sure, but it doesn’t go anywhere with that premise. The whole thing is boring and sterile and almost cynical.

No way.

It’s funny because everybody hates the guy at the big box store because he treats everybody like crap. He’s a somewhat racist, insensitive asshole that only wants to help you if you’re a hot chick.

This, however, is a fantastic representation of Nintendo: a boring, sterile, increasing irrelevant company that’s stuck in a rut and can’t decide what the fuck they’re trying to do.

Harsh but mostly true.

Phenomenal might be a bit of an exaggeration but I still found it pretty funny. :)

I liked the twist ending. I mean it’s not “I see dead people” but I thought it was pretty clever.

For the first few interactions the viewer starts to hate big box douchebag because we already hate that guy in real life.

Then suddenly the hot chick enters the picture and we can see that the jerky guy has at least some motivation in his life. Sure he’s shallow but maybe he’s not an irredeemable jackass.

Then when the woman mentions the boyfriend he immediately rolls his eyes and takes off because he really is just as shallow and jerky as portrayed initially.

At that point any sympathy we have is lost again although there’s that little sliver of pity that the poor guy struck out yet again.

All of which has nothing to do with its efficacy as an ad, which is, as everyone agrees, abysmal.

This ad is racist against nerds.

I thought the “Michael” ad overdid it too much, despite having an okay concept.

This, however, is just plain bad. Confusing and terribly done.

Yeah, it’s a pretty terrible ad. The big box store employee is as annoying as a real big box store employee, but I’m not really sure why this is supposed to make me want to buy a 3DS. The “Look! Cute girls like them!” angle feels kind of awkward and desperate.

And is that really a selling point? Cute girls sometimes like the Pottery Barn

Also, if I were the CEO of Best Buy, I’d be pretty fucking furious about that ad, because it’s clearly making fun of them, specifically*. Big electronics store, blue uniform with a yellow logo/button on it… yeah.

*(Not that they don’t deserve it, but really, is it wise to mock one of your biggest retail partners?)

I’d be willing to bet the CEO of Best Buy is used to seeing an endless amount of ads making fun of Best Buy, but he’s too busy swimming in his money-filled swimming pool to care.

So you basically invalidate your whole post by stating such a stupid opinion. The Sony ad was decent. It was no 1984 but it was decent. This ad is pretty average-I certainly wouldn’t watch it again. I watched the Sony advert several times.

Thumbs down. Michael could design a better ad than this.

Crap ad is crap.

To Michael!

And I hate Sony.