Nintendo coolness

Hey, IGN is reporting that the Gamecube may be bundled with a nifty Zelda pack-in:

However, Nintendo has recently released artwork to retailers depicting a Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition disc. The disc will feature The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and a demo of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. From the available artwork, it looks like this disc will be included as a pack in with new GameCubes…

Now is that cool or what? A 'Cube and nice pack-in for $99. Let’s hope it comes to pass.

I have a cube, and I paid a lot more than $99 for it. Can I get that nifty Zelda compilation disc?

I’ve been holding onto my N64 and Zelda:OOT forever waiting for a chance to play it. Maybe I should to a trade in.

What’s an N64 worth these days?

Next to nothing: they sell for $19.99 used around here. Certain demographics treat the N64 as the be-all end-all. Kinda hard to sell RAM expanders when they cost more than the system, even harder to explain to them what it is.

$19.99? I think I’m better off keeping it and trying to get a copy of Paper Mario.

You can have it if you give back the time you played on the gamecube until this offer

You might want to try Toys R Us, if you haven’t already. I picked up Paper Mario from there about two months ago for less than $15. They had a shelf filled with Paper Mario, Perfect Dark, some Pokemon game, and two others that left no impression on me.

No, fuck you, Nintendo already has your money.

but, but… :cry:

Ninty will surely pack it in with something, probably that weird multiplayer Zelda-ish game they showed off at E3.

I’ll get it just for Majora’s Mask and to satisfy my pack rat mentality. God did intend for these games to be played with a wavebird.

Gamestop started giving away the Wind Waker preorder discs for free with the purchase of two used games… I’d be surprised if a similar thing didn’t happen with this.

For my part, I just hope they do some graphics-enhancing and some music-orchestrating for The Adventure of Link.

I’d bet they give it away with Four Swords on Gamecube. It would be a great incentive for folks to buy that game.

I’m sure we won’t have any trouble getting this when it’s made available.


Will the Four Swords on the Cube also include Link to the Past, like the GBA version?

Incidentally, I manage to find used demo’s for $6, which I find reasonable, because fewer demo releases makes for more polished ones of better games. But there’s this chain called Best Buy – I think it’s nationwide – and they charge $40 for these “not for resale” demos. It’s crazy. I could see selling them for as much as $10 to increase loyalty among the “video game community” or whatever, but $40?!? Seems like they’re just gouging unknowlegeable customers as much as possible.

No one knows for sure how they’re going to sell Four Swords. It’s due early next year though.

Last I saw, you can buy the Not For Resale demo disc at Circuit City for $10. All those games are out now though I think so you could also rent them if you’ve got a reasonable rental store near you.

I’ve been playing Boktai on GBA. There’s some really neat ideas in the game. Going to review it for GamerDad but so far it’s definitely a thumbs up.


Has anybody heard rumors about when the Zelda bonus disc will appear as a pack-in? I have to tell my mother-in-law what I want for Christmas! (It’s for my son, of course! He’s already 13 months old, he’s got to work on his hand-eye coordination.)

Can’t be long because of Christmas season. They’ll do it by mid November.

Regarding four swords for GC:

When did Nintendo become a shareware developer?

It’s coming November 18th…


No need to start a new thread for this one…but I think this ad is more “Nintendo Coolness”.


Hmm, $99 WITH a game? (I assume this Zelda thing is pretty good? Is it the cell-shaded Link game that Extended Play would feature on every other episode for about six months?) That’s almost tempting.

If Dave Long will apologize for his unfounded slam against the Tapwave Zodiac, I’ll buy a Gamecube. :)