Nintendo Direct 9-13-17


It’s only a working title, but yeah - right up my alley!


demo gonna be up, whoop whoop!


Simulanteous worldwide release of the demo, I wonder? :)


Arms is so ridiculous. Sigh. I feel like I gotta pick it up sometime :)


Damn, no Platinum.


Please don’t screw it up this time…


I don’t know alot about this franchise - how did they screw it up before?


Yeah, I was gonna say, there’s just no way anything is releasing at retail on Dec 29. Normally, a date like that is a placeholder, bec they don’t know the real date yet.


They didn’t … Xenoblade X was pretty great. It wasn’t a Chronicles game and lacked that narrative, and I guess some were disappointed with that. I got heaps of good hours out of it. :)

Yeah 29th was obviously placeholder, but the leaked retailer date was for the 15th. Turns out that was bogus too eh!


Welp, now to figure out how to get a Switch before December 1st. Can you still not just walk into a dang store and buy one?



The 15th would have been really unusual, but Nintendo does funny things sometimes. Most people have their shopping done for the holidays by then and either don’t want to go buy stuff if they don’t have to or don’t have the budget.


Guess it depends which stores you’re near and their local stock levels. Walmart seems to have stock:


I don’t want to hijack the thread to complain about Xenoblade X but the short answer is I found it to have turned into mediocre MMO gameplay with an awful story. The worst part of the first game was the over-abundance of monotonous side quests and X felt like they made that the whole game.


It wasn’t as good as the previous games, but it was still pretty good. Good enough that i would be willing to buy a switch when it is the only game i am really very interested in on the system.


Octopath Traveler has a free demo up in the eShop. Pretty neat. Beautiful music and art style.


Hmm, it looks like Switches are actually readily available. Wal-Mart, Gamestop, various sellers on Who knew?



Avoiding unwanted bundling is the trick.


Yeah, lots of those are over MSRP or bundles. Bundles aren’t terrible if they have good stuff in them, but only Walmart had a Switch for the standard $299.99 price there.

Frankly, this is one of the best bundles…

That Mario case for it will likely be really nice. I have the one that looks like a Sheikah Slate from the Zelda Special Edition and it’s stellar. In this case, you’re basically paying $20 extra for the carrying case included in the box. It’s not a deal, but it’ll get you everything including what looks like an incredible game.


It’s super fun. The biggest problem with the Switch right now is there are actually too many awesome games to play! I had to put down Splatoon 2 to play Mario+Rabbids and before that I put down ARMS to play Splatoon 2!

The Direct was great. It covers a rather short timeframe so expect another in December to lay out the first half of 2018 a little better. I think that was how they did it before Iwata passed away. It seems like they’re back to that now.

I went to the Nintendo YouTube channel and what’s really cool is with this Direct and all the Indie stuff from less than a month ago, there are just piles of things coming to this system that are either exclusive and cool or going to be portable for the first time, making them a great way to play if you missed them before. Like, who wouldn’t want to play DOOM on the go, especially if you haven’t played it at all yet?! Skyrim portable is kind of insane when you think about where that game has been up to now. Six years old. Still looks great. Plays well. We can already take it anywhere. Wow.

I downloaded the Octopath Traveler demo and hope to try that this weekend.

Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 though… just… wow. SMO looks to take Mario to places that Breath of the Wild took the Zelda series. It’s mind boggling that they’re releasing both in the same year. There’s so much stuff it’s like the Fire Emblem Warriors game is almost lost in the jumble! I pre-ordered XC2 Special Edition. That 220 page art book was too cool to skip.


Switches are pretty freely available in the UK now. Funnily enough, easier to get hold of than an Xbox One X preorder. Amazon has them with and without bundles, as do Game and Argos.