Nintendo DS bundle question

I’m trying to buy someone a Christmas present which consists of the Nintendo DS / Nintendogs bundle, pink color. However, it seems like everyone is sold out of this, or never had it, or something. You can get it, but instead of the usual $150 price, it’s $250, and only through things like the Amazon black market. Since it’s a gift, I’ll pay the extra $100 if I have to, but I was wondering if someone knows if this is some kind of temporary supply state, or a marketing ploy, or what.

I think the pink one was only available in Japan, hence the high price. There is a teal bundle with Nintendogs here in the US.

It’s sold out a lot of places though.

There is a Mario Kart DS bundle shipping next week with a red DS.


So if I buy the overpriced pink one, it’s going to be the Japanese version? Is this stuff region-limited?

The DS and its games are definitely totally region-free, but perhaps the japan versions’ OS is in Japanese?

If you really need, let me know and I can call a japanese hobbiest store here that sells DS games. They’ll know for sure.

EDIT: added last paragraph and emphasis that DS IS region-free.

I believe the pink bundle was a Toys’R’Us / Target exclusive. Heard it got sold out fast, and haven’t heard anything about a resupply.

Also, I’m pretty sure DSes are not region-locked.

Definitely not region-locked. (And I’ve got a copy of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! that I picked up in Akihabara last week to prove it.)

Edit: What, no UTF-8 support here? Bah!

Sure you are. Anyway, let us know what you think of Nintendogs.


Holy crap. That’s the male cheerleading game, right?

I saw that at the japanese import store a couple of days ago. The guy behind the counter was working on the final song and it was crazy tough.

The wackiest track seemed to be the one where you have to help the violinest keep from crapping his pants (by cheering for him, with your male cheerleading squad, of course) as he delivers a performance while having a bout of nasty diarhea.

Damn the Japanese are weird.

FYI, the pink bundle came out in Europe too, so you might be able to find it in some European online stores (not sure which ones ship overseas, though).

The pink one is available here in NZ, I’m sure these guys would help you out. All you need to ensure is that the charger is compatible, which would be easy enough.

Thanks, Scooter. That seems to be what the overpriced pink ones are. And thanks everybody for the info.