Nintendo DS Price Drop

According to someone on the Cheap Ass Gamer boards that works at Toys R Us, a price drop will occur with the release of Nintendogs.

Spotted the news at 4 color rebellion as seen in the link.

$129.99 will be the new price.



I want nintendogs already =(

Where is the fun in Nintendogs? You could just get a real dog, you know.

Advance Wars DS, now…mmmmmm!

Very smart move.

PSP = dead and buried.

Yeah, don’t forget that Advance Wars DS ships the same day as Nintendogs!

There’s an awesome AWDS poster in the current issue of Nintendo Power BTW.


Advance Wars: DS comes out on 8/21? Didn’t know it was so soon.

Yeah, in the span of a week I’ll be getting 2 DS games (Nintendogs and Advance Wars), a Cube game (Geist), and a GBA game (Sigma Star Saga). Pretty insane.

I don’t know why Nintendo is shipping both of those DS games at the same time though - some people would have to choose.

Nintendogs is a play on a Pokemon level so the usual rules don’t apply.

Getting it out now lets them ramp up the machine for Christmas. They’re going to try and make it this year’s “holiday must have.”

DS drop in the week of my first paycheck at the new job? It’s a sign, I’m sold.

Did you get the job in Chicago?



Was waiting for Nintendogs anyway to buy it. That way I can justify the purchase as not having to buy a dog for the kids. Far cheaper this way :)

Plus you always know upfront who’s walking the dogs when the “new and exciting” factor wears off. I’ll be much rather be playing advance wars DS instead of that. :)

Hey hey, don’t sell this game short. Straight perfect scores in Famitsu!

Did you get the job in Chicago?

Nope, much as I loved the city in the brief visit I had, the job didn’t look to be working out any time soon, so I’ve stayed in SC for now. Thanks for asking.

Damn I didnt even think about advance wars. I am getting that too!

Shit! and wait is sigma star saga that xcom game? Cause fuck I am gonna get that too!

I’d better finish up Aria of Sorrow soon… The deluge is about to begin.

No, SSS is an RPG/space shooter hybrid from Namco. Yes, that’s right, RPG/space shooter. It’s getting great reviews; I’ve been waiting for it for a long time.

Also it is pretty.

Rebelstar, the game you’re thinking about, comes out September 6th.

That one with the toy soldiers and model tanks? Cheezy.

That one with the toy soldiers and model tanks? Cheezy.[/quote]

Suddenly I’m imagining you in overalls with a straw hat and a piece of hay in your mouth.

Wow, SSS looks really cool.