Nintendo DS: Turn Based Strategy Games?

Lies. It’s got elves and shit in it. Warcraft invented that, right?

(Side note: A part of my inner nerd dies every time someone tries to tell me that Warhammer or War40k stole their ideas from Warcraft. Ugh.)

OMG … droool.

Me too. It was fairly fun but too short, a little buggy and had no replay value whatsoever. On the plus side it was pretty cheap, even new. If you go in with low expectations it’s worth picking up.

Well, I remembered it specifically because they had said it was going to be localized. They were making Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation for GBA, and then there was another one coming out for DS. Maybe that turned into OG 2?

I don’t know. I was just thrilled to finally have a crack at the series without having to learn Japanese or make really really heavy use of a translation FAQ.

I forgot about Battles of Prince of Persia, which was certainly an odd one - PSP gets a scaled down Warrior Within, DS gets a card-oriented turn-based strategy game set between Sands of Time and Warrior Within? Wha? I poked at it, liked the looks of it, and then never actually played it because I wanted to finish Sands of Time first. And never have.

So that makes three so far with some other stuff coming down the pipe. Still, so much more for GBA.

Hey i was fishing around EB’s site, and there’s a hex-based (!) WWII turn-based strategy game coming out in October on DS (Panzer Tactics DS):

“OnNintendo Page”

Gamefly page (links to Gamespy, IGN previews)

ShackNews preview

The first thing about Panzer Tactics DS you’ll notice as compared to something like Advance Wars is how it looks. The game is a classical wargame in terms of presentation and structure, so it’s hex-based rather than comprised of square tiles, and is rendered in a more realistic style.

Visually, “It’s more Age of Empires than Advance Wars,” explained CDV’s Mario Kroll. It has more realistic battle animations, animated mission briefings from advisors corresponding to the player’s faction, a particle effects system, weather and cloud effects, and other such graphical touches. Hex outlines can be turned on and off, as can animations and various superfluous effects.

The game’s maps are quite large, with some reaching dimensions of eight screens by eight screens.

Though I’m not a big fan of most of CDV’s PC offerings, this sounds very deep, in theory and a bit more emulative of a lite old school wargame (Panzer General, say), than Advance Wars.

I’m still shocked and appalled that Firaxis hasn’t done a bunch of straight ports of all the old Microprose classics for the DS. It seems to me that the interfaces for Master of Magic, Master of Orion and Civ could all be easily reworked to the stylus/touchscreen interface. Hell, the stylus and touchscreen seem perfect for that kind of game.

X-Com too.

I"ve been waiting on Panzer Tactics for what feels like years. I pray that its a spiritual succesor to Panzer General.

Also looking forward to Panzer Tactics. Fingers are crossed that it will come out one day…

It always helps to actually own the IP for these sorts of things. ;) Plus there’s a little bit more work to do than to simply slap something on a system and ship it to stores. We are bringing Civ to the DS though, so hopefully that makes you happy. ;)


Just out of curiosity, Trip, do you know who does have the rights old Microprose IP (your note leads me to believe Firaxis doesn’t)? Atari? Hasbro?

Unless something has changed lately and I’ve been under a rock, Atari has the rights to MoO and MoM. MoO3 was published by them, and I know Brad has talked about negotiating with Atari to get the MoM IP for the Fantasy TBS game they’re doing.


October of last year is not the “old days,” newb.

Anything past last week is old here at short attention span theater, oldb. :D Actually i’ve visited here on and off for years, I just go away when I get tired of everyone insulting each other.

IGN had a preview of Panzer Tactics last July, you know, back in the old days:

Gametrailers has a movie in all its hexagonal glory: