Nintendo finally does: Mobile Games, New Console, Unified Accounts

That article rather conspicuously neglects to mention what Nintendo will or won’t be doing with all that personal data it will be gathering.

That literally did not occur to me, because as what may be the smallest silver lining ever, Nintendo’s incompetence online makes me think it hasn’t even occurred to them to collect any. I just assumed “information you choose to share” was going to be like “My favorite color is blue”.

I was quietly hoping for an Animal Crossing on mobile. Unlikely I know, but it seems so perfect for sociable, accessible, casual and expandable long-term gaming on the go.

I’ll take async Advance Wars too.

Well, they talk about hobbies in the article, which seems like the sort of thing advertisers would be interested in. I’m being slightly scurrilous, I realise, but frankly I don’t see the point of this if they’re not getting that intrusive. I mean, it’s hard to imagine anything more inane than Miis talking to each other about their owners’ favourite colours.

BTW, Splatoon seems to have done well:

In Japan, the combined sales figure of its package version and download version surpassed 905,000 units as of last week and we are certain it will reach a million within this year.

On the other hand. looking at the rest of the disclosures it seems Mario Maker and Splatoon accounted for essentially all Wii-U game sales in 2015.

If anyone can read Japanese, here’s a sample Miitomo conversation:

That’s a great choice as a game and as an IP that wouldn’t cannibalize their other business, since they’ve abandoned the series, seemingly in favor of Fire Emblem.

Here is the one thing I want to know: can I download a copy of a game to more than one wii u? Its so frustrating that something so simple has not yet been implemented when it was something we had in 2004 with the Xbox 360. 11 years behind and counting.

No. Purchases are locked to your Nintendo Network ID, and your NNID can only be on one Wii U. If your Wii U ever breaks, you have to send it in to Nintendo so that they can transfer it to a new console.* If you just went out and bought another, you’d lose all your stuff.

*They may be able to do it remotely if it’s not broken, but I’ve heard conflicting reports.

Going to breath new life into this thread with some rumours around Nintendo’s next system, NX, being released in 2016:

To be honest I would be surprised if Nintendo didn’t release new hardware this year, with a incredible thin year on both their platforms, and a delayed Zelda. I’m pretty sure Nintendo will have alot to talk about this E3! is live and Miitomo is live in the App Store (US link) for US (and Europe I believe).

$9.99 gets you 11500 Miitomo coins!

-Todd hasn’t been working for me for a day or so from mobile. It says “access denied”. Problem on my end, or is that the case for everyone?

Works On My PC™

Yeah, works on a PC for me too, but not working on mobile, and Miitomo won’t launch either. Kicks me out to a web view for that page saying it can’t log in.

Sorry to say it’s just you still. Tested and working on my phone.

Why are we still dealing with these when they just implemented a new, unique ID system?

Ah, thanks, I figured it out. Or at least I got it working. Someone on /r/miitomo mentioned a similar problem, a response suggested logging in through the site because new TOS had to be accepted.

Which I did, in my testing on the PC. But I think prior to that, Miitomo couldn’t log in, but also couldn’t tell me it was because I needed to accept new TOS, and somehow between the Miitomo app and Safari it must have just corrupted something. Had to clear the cache, then I could log in, problem solved.


I loved Super Mario, the endless runner. It was short and sweet and a lot of fun and didn’t entice me with spending more money.

Mario Kart Tour was more about the microtransactions built in, so I never really felt the allure. But a lot of people did apparently.

I started playing Mario Kart Tour after that news (removing gacha). It’s fun! Generous to casual F2P with unlocking a few things of your choice for free every tour. There’s still some nonsense like characters priced at 80$ if you run out of free currency.

There are sites that look up your inventory and tell you what to pick up to fill out top-ranked teams for every track. They told me to buy “Cat Mario” and “Meowster”… nope lol.

I’ll be keeping it installed and checking out the new stuff every week or two.

Mario Kart Tour will no longer be receiving new content.

It’s going to be repeating old tours from last year until… whenever.

I’ve been playing it occasionally since my last post. Every week brought a few new tracks to the game, a Mii driver suit, and usually some new characters or vehicles. I’m going to miss that. It was a nice surprise logging into stuff like Gladiator Donkey Kong & his Chain-Chomp Chariot.